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WO: Weekly Obsessions

As November comes to a close, I simply can’t believe that we’re almost done with 2011. To stop time, I close my eyes and think of these babies:

  1. Scattergories: I have to show some love to the ONLY game I won this past weekend. Online version here — you’re welcome.
  2. Dirty Martini(s): Salty and smooth, this is far and away my new fave for happy hour. Extra points for blue cheese–stuffed olives … yummm.
  3. Being a ‘90s Kid: I saw this list of 10 Things ‘90s Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children go viral on FB, and it’s all too true. Topanga + Cory Forever!
  4. Gorgeous shoes: It’s no secret that I love cobalt, and these pumps are a stylish steal at just $20.

Hope your week is wildly wonderful! (Just look at that Scattergories creativity!)

Images courtesy of: Product Review, Examiner, We Heart It, Payless