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Witty Rewind: June 2019

I thought it’d be fun to capture each month’s activities and milestones in a series called Witty Rewind. It may not be for posterity’s sake, but I hope you’ll enjoy looking back at the previous month with me.

I spent the bulk of June cheering on my brother’s fitness progress and not doing a whole lot toward my own. I’ve fallen out of routines, de-prioritized healthy habits, and generally made excuses for my lack of motivation. For the first time probably ever, though, I’m not completely beating myself up for it. [Negative thoughts squashed: ~20]

While I still have a hard time abandoning books I don’t love, I did evolve a bit into trying shorter stories and more memoirs. I did my best to like some titles, but there were only a few standouts from the nine I consumed in June. [Books read: 9]

Weather be damned, here’s the rest of my June un-gloomed:

  1. Finished a Vegas trip with CHRISTINA AGUILERA and her first residency show
  2. Fought yet another mystery illness, perhaps my body’s way of saying “slow the F down”
  3. Celebrated a dear couple’s wedding and toasted with their champagne burro
  4. Made new friends via an Airbnb stay at said wedding weekend
  5. Caught up with former colleagues at a happy hour where pigeons shat on us
  6. Mourned the loss of the Warriors in Game 6
  7. Co-hosted a beach bonfire with s’mores on s’mores on s’mores
  8. Celebrated a friend’s birthday with putt-putt and got the only Hole in One on the 18th hole!
  9. Remembered Dad during a quiet, reflective Father’s Day
  10. Volunteered with kinders and then veterans for my company’s month of service program
  11. Attended Book Club, having not read the book for probably the first time ever
  12. Continued the tradition of seeing the “Sex and the City Live!” drag show at Oasis
  13. Celebrated my second mom’s birthday with bocce, barbecue, and beers
  14. Did some self-care work in the form of nails did, hair did, everything did
  15. Virtually celebrated my niece’s third birthday and sparkly cowgirl costume

Courtesy of My iPhoneThis is my new bff, Zoe. She’s a little camera-shy.

WO: Weekly Obsessions

A San Francisco tradition, a local legend, a Monterey murder aaand a Kiwi songbird… What’s not to love?

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Ferry Building Farmer’s Market: I’m not one for crowds, so I didn’t think I’d ever be brave enough to shuffle through this iconic Saturday farmer’s market along the Embarcadero in SF. A friend convinced me after our gym class this weekend, and although it was packed — thanks in part to the gorgeous weather — it was such a treat to support local businesses. Perfect produce, fresh flowers and artisanal accoutrements, oh my!
  2. Slim’s: Established in 1988, Slim’s is an SF venue for the history books. I made my patron debut there Sunday night, seeing Electric Six for the third year in a row — this time, with a friend instead of my ex 😁 While I’ve enjoyed each of their performances, the band sounded better than ever… and I think Slim’s had a hand in that. The vibe is cozy but dynamic, cool but not pretentious. I’ll be sure to revisit soon and test my theory with other performers.
  3. “Big Little Lies”: If you haven’t been watching this HBO miniseries, explain yourself. I’m not the biggest fan of Nicole Kidman or Shailene Woodley (or Reese Witherspoon, lately), BUT this show blew my biased expectations out of the water. The characters are multidimensional, the story is riveting and the soundtrack alone makes it worth a watch. If you’ve seen through the finale, check out this article about the characters’ costume choices.
  4. “Green Light” – Lorde: I’ve loved all of Lorde’s singles thus far, so it’s no surprise her long-awaited latest is a hit. Her vocals remind me of Ellie Goulding meets Asteroids Galaxy Tour, with her own signature sound ever-present. Don’t let the upbeat tempo and pop feel fool you — this song is about devastating heartache and loss. Well done, Lorde. I can’t wait to hear what else Melodrama brings.

Images courtesy of: Ferry Building Marketplace, AXS, Sky, Coverlandia

WO: Weekly Obsessions

It could be my packed personal and professional lives or the fact that I’m just coming out of a Benadryl fog, but hump day came way too quickly this week. Here’s hoping the next few hundred words are somewhat coherent 😉
 Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Dita Von Teese: The queen of burlesque brought her “Strip, Strip Hooray!” show to SF this week, and I had the pleasure of going last night. From jewel-encrusted lingerie to breathtaking choreography and a hilarious emcee, it did not disappoint. My only note would be to get balcony seats next time, for the best view of a spectacular show.
  2. Baseball’s Back: I’m a little late to the game (ha!) on this one, but I’m pumped for the return of America’s pastime. Bonus: We have a teambuilding outing at tomorrow’s game, and I can’t wait to be back in the bleachers of AT&T Park. Disclaimer: I’m still — first and foremost — a Yankees fan. But I have local pride and will support the Giants so long as they’re not in the World Series against the Yanks… because then it’s a win-win-win anyway.
  3. Calm: I have a confession, you guys: I have a hard time relaxing. I know, I know — you’re shocked. This meditation app has helped me over the past month or so to focus for 10–20 minutes a day on just being. Meditation wasn’t really my thing, but I’m sufficiently hooked and enjoying the practice of letting things go.
  4. “Let It Go” – James Bay: (Speaking of) Not to be confused with the impossible-to-escape Frozen soundtrack, this song simply touches my heart and is a clear, calming reminder of love lost. I’m a little biased since I’m seeing him in concert Friday night, but I think you’ll like this one… maybe even more than “Hold Back the River.”

Images courtesy of: Goldstar, SF Giants, Google Play, Wikipedia

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Most of my family is celebrating my cousin Kathleen’s wedding on a five-day cruise to the Bahamas. And while I wouldn’t mind lounging in Nassau, I’m getting over a nasty head cold and would have been awful company anyway. Sure, Amanda. Just keep telling yourself that…

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. “The Family”: I was reluctant to add yet another show to my must-see list, but this series, so far, breaks all my rules. And I love it. The premise? “A community is rattled when a politician’s son, who was presumed murdered years ago, returns home.” (IMDb) And that’s just the beginning. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!
  2. Spring Has Sprung: Shout out to Daylight Saving Time (now that I’ve adjusted) and the beautiful weather we’ve had lately, because I’m really feeling this springtime thing. We’re still getting a few pockets of rain here and there, but fog retreated and sunshine returned … at least for a little bit.
  3. Foodnited States: Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? This series of fantastic food photographs celebrates a pun for each of our great 50 states. I’m obviously partial to Flo-radicchio and Kale-ifornia, but there are some other really clever creations. Dig in 🙂
  4. “Gone” – Parlour Tricks: My boyfriend and I saw Electric Six this weekend, and while I enjoyed their set (again!), the highlight for me was the opening act, Parlour Tricks. These three songstresses and three dudes on instruments brought fun, energy and excitement to the stage. My fave is “Gone,” but all their stuff is equally infectious.

Images courtesy of: Television Promos, Placerland Trust, Mental Floss, Bar None

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Summer, as most people know it, is over. It’s time for back to school, final family vacations, and the holiday will be here in no time. Lucky for us in San Francisco, summer weather is just about to start. Even though it doesn’t come with more vacation days, I couldn’t be more pumped for some fun in the sun.

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar: Twitter queen and bestselling author Kelly Oxford has lived quite the life. She put together this compilation of unbelievable oh-no-she-didn’t stories, and it left me laughing — sometimes even scratching my head. It’s a quick, easy read and the cover art is awesome … what’s not to love?
  2. Just Dance: What happens when you have a bunch of people in their late 20s, all hopped up on wine and cheese? Apparently, it’s this game. We followed the suggested moves and made up our own, resulting in an absolutely ridiculous evening of goofs and giggles.
  3. Kelly Clarkson: I saw the American Idol herself perform this past weekend and was endlessly entertained. She speaks to the crowd like she would a close friend, and is just about the cutest pregnant performer ever.
  4. “Heartbeat Song” – Kelly Clarkson: Speaking of, Kelly’s recent releases have reignited my love for her multiplatinum career. This one is from her latest album, Piece by Piece, and sure to be stuck in your head soon enough.

Images courtesy of: Goodreads, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia

WO: Weekly Obsessions

The days stretch out longer in anticipation of more sunlight, warmer weather and fewer layers. At least, that’s how most of the country feels. I’m pretty pleased with the year-round climate here that allows for #basic sweaters and boots err’day. And when I’m not talking about weather, I have these other tricks up my bedazzled sleeves:

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Secret SF: I’ve recently joined this Facebook Group that promotes all things San Francisco. Whether it’s about restaurants, exercise, dog parks — you name it! There’s something for everyone looking to find their own little slice of SF heaven. Check it out, peeps!
  2. ANYTHING but “The Dress”: A tireless and ridiculous social-media debate got heated last week and is still going. Was it about gay marriage or socioeconomic differences or domestic violence or anything thought provoking at all? NO. It was about the fugliest dress I’ve ever seen. Sometimes, I hate my generation.
  3. The Fox Theater: A good friend invited me to a show at this iconic venue in Oakland, and I was nothing short of amazed. The acoustics were bumping, the lighting concepts had me in awe, aaaand I didn’t even have to smoke any herbz to feel like I was transported to another time!
  4. “Ghost Modern” Album – Geographer: That stunning show I witnessed was put on by none other than Geographer, an indie rock band with a super-hot frontman. Their sound is kind of futuristic-folksy, and I’m devouring as much of the pre-release album play I can get.

Images courtesy of: FB, Wired, The Fox Oakland, Amazon

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Since I’m officially a senior citizen and enjoy discussing the weather at great length, I thought you should know that my KNEECAPS were sweating yesterday. Sunshine is finally upon us in the city, and I couldn’t be happier to show up at work with soaked knees and a flushed face.

Lovely visuals, huh? Let’s get some nicer ones in your mind:

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. “Game of Thrones”: I know, I know. I’m way behind on this one, because my stubborn inner voice said I’d never enjoy such an unbelievable show. Well, I’m hooked. Just seven episodes in, I plan to binge-watch all weekend.
  2. Warmer Weather: Isn’t it obvious? I can finally put away my sweaters and pants, and trade them for tank tops and flip-flops! My summer wardrobe is ON POINT (thanks to decades in Florida), so I’m sure my office is also thankful to see my oatmeal sweaters retire.
  3. 230 Fifth: The rooftop space of this swanky hotel and lounge was perfect for a summer concert. Their service wasn’t great, but the views and atmosphere more than made up for it.
  4. Platinum Album – Miranda Lambert: That summer concert I just attended? It was for the Queen of Country, whose latest album I’ve had on repeat since yesterday’s release. “Platinum,” “Priscilla” and “Somethin’ Bad” are my top tunes so far.

Images courtesy of: Transparent, NY Habitat, 230 Fifth, Wikipedia