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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I attended an etsy craft and artisan show in Ybor City last weekend with some good friends. The talent that spans across Tampa Bay is incredible … handmade jewelry, homemade cupcakes and heartfelt stationery filled the tables, while local bands filled the air with music. My four faves?

  1. Jen Idleman / Sticky: I love all things moustache, so I couldn’t pass up a 2-for-$10 deal on original wallets. Each design is truly unique — and adorable.
  2. StephiiShop: These delicious and fresh cupcakes were snatched up quickly, and for good reason. Check out the sweet shop’s site here and get free delivery of a dozen or more if you’re in St. Pete.
  3. The Cloud Forest: Kick it old school with cassette earrings from Carly of The Cloud Forest. Enjoy free shipping on orders of $25 or more with code SUMMERSALE.
  4. Famous Kid Brick – “I’m on It”: This song has nothing to do with the etsy show, but it’s been stuck in my head for a week and deserves recognition. Ridiculous — wouldn’t have it any other way.

Support local businesses and let me know what other etsy finds you love! Oh, and check out my profile on the Ad 2 Tampa Bay blog. I’m todes famous.

My shoes match my shirt! Such a poet.

Images courtesy of: Jen Idleman / Sticky, The Cloud Forest, Stephii Cakes Shop, Jannus Live

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re anything like me, then you know how to put the PRO in “procrastination.” What better time to get some St. Patty’s inspiration than the day before? I’m killing it.

I’m proud of my Irish heritage and had the pleasure of studying abroad in Ireland a few years ago. My time in the Emerald Isle was magical, so anything I can do to recreate it is pure luck of the Irish.


Start the day with traditional Irish boxty — a fave of mine from my time abroad.

No St. Patrick’s Day dinner is complete without corned beef and cabbage.

Beer, chocolate and pretzels? These cupcakes must be heaven-sent.


Guinness is my drink of choice, but I’ll have to switch to something lighter after my 8th pint.

If beer isn’t your thing, try one of these tasty St. Patty’s cocktails.

End the night with an always-delicious classic Irish coffee. Yum!


Stock up on awesomely tacky glasses, moustaches, necklaces and more.

Whether you’re hosting — or just toasting — your mates, these favors are adorbs.

Stainless coasters class up even the dingiest pubs.


Kissing a leprechaun in Dublin — typical Saturday.

Surprise! Popping up for St. Patrick’s Day greetings.

Overlooking the Cliffs of Moher (700 ft. drop, NBD).

Between a ladies’ dance party tonight, suite tickets to tomorrow’s Lightning game and my bestie from college visiting this weekend, I think it’s best that St. Patrick’s Day only comes once a year.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend — cheers!