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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Another Wednesday is upon us, and I can’t quite believe that it’s already April. This week’s obsessions are all taken from the now-viral “13 Simple Steps to Get You through a Rough Day,” from BuzzFeed.

  1. Feeling pretty: Whether it’s an LBD or your best pair of jeans, nothing turns a day around faster than feeling like you’ve got it going on. As the walrus says, “Do your thang, girlfrand.”
  2. Puppies, puppies and even more puppies: I’ve never been a cat lady, plain and simple. Little baby puppy faces, however, get me every time. J’adore!
  3. “Not You”: Whenever life gets you down, just think of all the people whose lives you’re not living. Posing with your grandfather’s tombstone, for example, is just plain crazy.
  4. Ryan Gosling:  Le duh! (See how good my French has become?) Gosling is my hero, my muse … my everything. Not to be dramatic — but he’s kind of a big deal. And an even bigger deal when penguins are involved.

See, now wasn’t that cheaper than therapy? Wishing everyone a hippity-hoppity helluva week!

Images courtesy of: BuzzFeed