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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I woke up thinking it was Friday, if that’s any indication of where my head’s at this week. After a fantastic weekend visiting a friend in San Jose, I’m positively pooped and can’t wait to kick back and relax this weekend. Here’s what’s getting me through the next few days:

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  1. Dad’s Birthday: I’ve always loved the number 13 and been superstitious (in a good way) about this day. But then my dad passed on a Friday the 13th … and this month it also happens to be his birthday and exactly a year and a half since his death. I still struggle with grief and loss, but I know he’s at peace so I’ll be raising a glass in his memory.
  2. Zoolander & Hansel Walk the Runway: It’s officially official — “Zoolander 2” is happening! Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprised their roles and stomped to the death at Paris Fashion Week for Valentino. It could have only been topped if they’d duked it out in a breakdance fight.
  3. Sea Lions in Santa Cruz: Speaking of models, look at this little ham posing for the paparazzi. My friend and I made the quick trip from San Jose to Santa Cruz last weekend, and these sea lions were just the cutest and best part of the day.
  4. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” – WHAM!: I just can’t help myself. The announcement of Zoolander and Hansel’s return means more ridiculous montages like this one. February 2016 can’t come fast enough.

Images courtesy of: Family, Instagram, Mah iPhone, Pulzo

Friday Fiver

Short and sweet, here are the top five reasons I’m totally in love with today:

  1. I’ve enjoyed Friday the 13th since I was a kid, and it’s always been a day of joy — like good friends getting married on Friday, April 13. No superstitions here!
  2. My company’s summer celebration is today, which means a half day of work and a whole day of nonsense. Bring on the Cuban food, cigars and moustache contest 🙂
  3. It’s the end of a particularly grueling week. Both my professional and personal lives have been overrun by commitments, deadlines and chaos. Cheers to finally allowing myself to relax.
  4. Girl Talk’s “Friday Night.” On loop. All day.
  5. This picture, found by Rachel, and keeping me in stitches:


Work it, Grandma!

Happy Friday, friends. Hope you’re all sipping drinks poolside and soaking up the summer sun!

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