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Witty Rewind: April 2019

I thought it’d be fun to capture each month’s activities and milestones in a series called Witty Rewind. It may not be for posterity’s sake, but I hope you’ll enjoy looking back at the previous month with me.

This first paragraph has been dedicated to my health and wellness journey, but tbh guys, I’ve put all that on the backburner. Yes, I bought essential oils. Yes, I practiced some yoga. Yes, I ate a lot of kale. But to say I’m the picture of health (as much as I want to) would be an utter fallacy. [Times I thought about working out: ~50]

I did bump back up my reading list with a handful of books I flew right through. There were some peaks and valleys, some tears and laughs. Overall, I’m just glad my library card is getting so much use (and that my employer reimburses books I read for my job). They’re the real MVPs. [Books read: 6]

Here’s what else I spent time doing in April:

    1. Fighting a mystery illness
    2. Seeing a Star Wars–themed burlesque show
    3. Explaining to people what/why/who/where re: a Star Wars–themed burlesque show
    4. Wine-ing with friends after a Vegas trip as a no-go
    5. Being “those people” at said wineries and giving zero Fs
    6. Spending time getting set up for the next year of Junior League
    7. Seeing former colleagues at a ladies’ happy-hour-turned-mega-celebration
    8. Worshipping a dear friend who knows how to purge crap without judgment
    9. Brunching with former colleagues at a spot I hadn’t been before
    10. Dyeing Easter eggs and enjoying homemade lemon cupcakes with a dear friend
    11. Avoiding my old apartment during countless showings, despite needing to pack
    12. MOVING to a new apartment with a former roommate! ! !
    13. Getting my deep clean on at the dentist twice #NoCavities
    14. Toasting a former colleague as she closes one chapter for a new one at FitBit (gasp!)
    15. Reaching peak adulthood as I nearly cried when receiving a new mattress

      Image Courtesy of Adobe

The only photo I have from April that slightly resembles me.


WO: Weekly Obsessions

There’s nothing like coming fresh off an extra-long weekend and realizing your workweek is only 3.5 days — praise the Lord! I have another extended weekend ahead, and I couldn’t be more pumped for it to get here already.

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Musée Mécanique: A good friend was visiting last weekend, and we decided to check out this antique arcade at Fisherman’s Wharf. From 100-year-old games to modern-day air hockey and more, there’s something fun for everyone.
  2. Kickens in Town: My college bestie arrives tomorrow for a weeklong visit, and I’m beyond stoked. We’ve got a full itinerary of Giants v. Braves, wine country, Oakland v. YANKEES, Alcatraz and more. Look out, SF!
  3. “Veep”: I’d previously seen a few episodes of this biting comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus (among many talented stars). Cut to a much-needed day of marathon TV, and I’m still smiling from the snarkiness. Check it out Sundays at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.
  4. “Pretty Girls” – Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea: I totally hate this video but the song is just so damn catchy. Iggy’s rhymes just get me every time, and I can’t seem to deny myself from Britney’s whine-singing. Le sigh.


 Images courtesy of: Musée Mécanique, FB, YouTube, Josep Vinaixa