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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m not saying this week is a dumpster fire but I am saying my scheduled 8 hours off Friday for a camping trip is now being used for a mental health day, instead. #PTOhhMyGod

It’s possible I’ve taken on too much, between managing a team of 10 (who create literally 100+ pieces/month), co-chairing a Junior League committee of 15, plus being actively involved with sorority and Book Club and other social commitments. But for some reason, I can’t ever seem to just be… or say “No” as much as I think I do.

Even canceling most of this week’s plans leaves me double-booked for tomorrow night. Lolz.

On Friday (aside from laundry and groceries and getting back to inbox zero), I plan to get a massage, maybe a mani/pedi and finish the third book of the Dragon Tattoo series. Or maybe I’ll just sleep the whole day and not beat myself up for the downtime.

I might even be lucky enough to kick this summer cold to the curb once and for all!

Image Courtesy of NPR