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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m not complaining, but there are noticeably fewer 30 Days of Thanks posts in my social feeds this year. Is it no longer trendy? Do we have less to be publicly grateful for?

Whatever the case, I’m wishing each and every one of you a blessed Thanksgiving and hope you all have much to be thankful for.

Whether you’re fortunate enough to be with family or having your own Friendsgiving; whether you’re avoiding shopping at all costs or braving the Black Friday crowds for that ultimate deal; whether you’re a hardcore vegetarian or meat maniac, I hope you’re able to enjoy the holiday and time with people you love.

Until next time, here’s an all-too-true take on how Thanksgiving changes as you grow up.

Gobble till you wobble, y’all.

Image Courtesy of The Oatmeal

WO: Weekly Obsessions

In case you haven’t heard, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Wee! I’m especially grateful that I made it to Daytona in one piece, and I didn’t seem to forget anything this time … nothing short of a miracle for moi.

Here’s a Thanksgiving-inspired weekful of obsessions:

  1. By a Show of Hands: This site pits turkey hand art against one another to crown a champion … many thanks to my good frand who found it!
  2. Pumpkin Cream Cupcakes: I made these for last year’s feast, and they were a hit. They’re making a repeat appearance at this year’s table … color me dangerous.
  3. 85th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: We have this on in the background each Turkey Day, and anything that lasts 85 years deserves a special nod.
  4. Crapplebee’s: Brother and I are making a triumphant return to our local neighborhood grill tonight, officially making it a tradition. Lord, beer me strength.

Cheers to you and yours as you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. And, as always, keep it classy. (Applebee’s, anyone?)

Images courtesy of: By a Show of Hands, Kraft, Info Barrel, East Tennessee Dining

30 Days of Thanks (Part Tres)

A month of thankfulness continues, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Something about Mondays just crushes my soul, as I recap the past weekend and wish 48 hours wouldn’t pass so quickly.

So, here’s the next installment of things I’m thankful for:

  • 15. Hand turkeys, because who doesn’t love a craft project that brings you back to childhood? Side note: I already made one this year (suck it, 2010).
  • 16. My grandpa, who is a hero in so many respects and recently celebrated 30 years of being sober.
  • 17. Tailgate parties, which make even the crappiest of gamedays fun and worthwhile.
  • 18. Hugs, because they’re sometimes all you need to keep it together when you’re falling apart.
  • 19. Pinochle, which will be the highlight of my holiday season … I will FINALLY win our family’s annual tournament.
  • 20. Daytona, as it makes the trip to my parents’ casa quick and easy — even if I am desperate to move away from Florida someday.
  • 21. “Breaking Dawn Part 1” being released, because it means there’s only one damn movie left in that series to hear about. I hope.

As Turkey Day approaches, I hope you all have safe travels and are able to spend time with the ones you love. If not, there’s always room at the Wittyburg fortress in the good ol’ Dirty D.

*Not my hand turkey.