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I’m Not an Addict, I Just Play One on TV

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I have a love-hate relationship with the DVR — it’s convenient, keeps me entertained and can be a real time-saver (ha). On the other hand, it doesn’t always record properly and gives me anxiety when the storage nears 2/3 full.

More painstaking than that, however, is the annual wait to see which shows will be renewed by major networks. While piles of crap like “2 & 1/2 Men” float by — TEN seasons, really?! — gems with actual merit are removed without a second thought. I’m still mourning the loss of “Best Friends Forever,” though I enjoy Jessica as the Marshall’s lady and Lennon’s brief appearance on “Mad Men.”

I’m so grateful ABC execs recognized the powerhouse that is “Nashville,” but I’m severely disappointed to see “Happy Endings” come to a, well … unhappy ending.

Although my taste level is questionable — I will defend The Real Housewives for sheer entertainment value at all costs — I cannot fathom why wit and charm are passed over for laugh tracks and seediness. Blech.

After finales air throughout the next few weeks, my DVR will finally get a much-needed break … because the only thing worse than the spring schedule coming to a close is the utter despair a “summer season” brings. TGFRHONJ!

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