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WO: Weekly Obsessions

We now return to your regularly scheduled WO programming. I’m all over the place this week, and it’s in a good way (for once).

  1. Halloween: My favorite holiday is quickly approaching, and I’m so ready for the costumed craziness. Pumpkins, beware. I’m coming for you.
  2. “Project Runway”: I still haven’t decided who I want to win tomorrow night’s finale. One thing is for sure, though: Heidi, Tim and everyone else we love will do it in style.
  3. The Pub: A lunchtime treat for all, I highly recommend the cod sandwich on pretzel bread with a side of “chips” (French fries, not “crisps”). Cheers, mate!
  4. Vitamin String Quartet: These guys create fantastic instrumental covers of favorite songs, and the result is a perfect workday playlist.


Images courtesy of: BBC, Zap2It, FCTampaBay, Vons Records