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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Do you feel that chill in the air? That’s because it’s the most wonderful time of the year! From the World Series and the throes of football seasons to a New York trip and HALLOWEENIE coming up, you could say I’m pretty pumped.

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  1. Canceled Wedding Turned Heartwarming Story: This viral story from Sacramento details how a bride-to-be’s family turned her suddenly canceled wedding into a feast for the homeless. Whatever the groom’s reasons for not going through with the big day, there are more than 90 struggling people — and millions around the country — supporting the bride’s family and their selflessness.
  2. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”: I didn’t really know what to expect with this new show from the CW, but I certainly didn’t think there’d be a giant floating pretzel and musical numbers that had me in stitches. There’s just the right punch of comedic timing, unrequited love and jazz hands. It’s one to watch — literally. Catch it Monday nights at 8. Or I’ll fiiiind youuu.
  3. Laugh & Learn: Take a few minutes out of your day and check out this comedy bit from my Uncle Pat. He’d love your feedback to help hone his comedic chops — so do us all a favor and WATCH 🙂 Thanks, peeps!
  4. San Francisco Zoo: It only took me a year, but I finally made it out to the SF Zoo this past weekend. And just in time for Red Panda Day! The exhibits were interesting, the animals were playful & we had a great time exploring the wildlife brought to our city.

Images courtesy of: KCRA, Nerd Geist, YouTube, Yelp

WO: Weekly Obsessions

This week, my obsessions are simple. Consider it my holiday gift to you.

As most of us are spending time with our families this coming weekend, and our homes are filled with wonder and cheer, consider those whose holiday season will not be so merry or bright.

Donate what you’re able — whether it be clothing, food, time or money — to a cause you can support.

From a young family who just lost their home in a fire to those who’ve not had a home at all, there are plenty of people in need of holiday charity.

Helping those in need is something we should be mindful of year-round, but it often gets lost in our own priorities and needs. Take some time this week to consider those causes which you can support, and commit yourself to lending a hand.