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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m not sure whether I’m still mourning the end of the Olympics or just missing my boyfriend (Big Ben) terribly, but this week has me overly obsessed with all things LONDON. I’m not apologizing for it; I just thought you should know.

  1. Jane Green: My favorite Brit-Chick-Lit author never disappoints. “Jemima J” and “Straight Talking” are longtime personal favorites, and I’m about to dig into “The Patchwork Marriage” next.
  2. “Made in Chelsea”: I stumbled upon this import Monday night after watching “Sex and the City” reruns and avoiding the Pittsburgh-Kansas City game (that Big Ben and I need to talk). I’m totally hooked on the lives of Caggie, Spencer and the other young socialites.
  3. Daniel Craig: I’ve yet to see the latest Bond flick, but I know Mr. Craig’s piercing eyes and killer physique will satisfy plenty. Oh, and the action scenes. Yeah, those will be great.
  4. Adele: Speaking of “Skyfall,” I love this songbird’s dramatic soundtrack release. Her adorable baby boy makes her even more endearing — I just wish she and boyfriend Simon would name the kid, already!

Cheerio, mates!

Images courtesy of: PinterestGuardian.Co.UK, Movie Fanatic, last.fm

Celebrating National Martini Day

Today is National Martini Day, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to mark the occasion. Break out the gin and vermouth (or vodka, if you’re feeling crazy) and put on a “James Bond” marathon … it’s about to get real classy up in here.

Foodimentary supplied the following fun facts, and I think it best to read them while sipping from a chilled glass with blue cheese–stuffed olives:

  • The Martini, gin and vermouth, is probably the most popular and widely consumed cocktail. Its origin is in dispute, but it dates back to about 1862.
  • The Martini’s popularity has waxed and waned, and its recipe has changed considerably over the years.
  • Going from an original mixture that contained more vermouth than gin, garnished with a lemon twist; to 2 to 1 gin and vermouth; to a 15 to 1 mixture; and finally straight chilled gin.
  • There is also the Vodka Martini.
  • The standard Martini garnish is an olive, but garnish it with a pearl onion and it is called a Gibson.

I’m no mathematician, but any cocktail with a 15:1 ratio is right up my alley. Here’s a super simple (and delicious) recipe to celebrate in style:



  • 4 large watermelon chunks
  • 12.5ml lemon juice
  • 25ml gomme syrup
  • 37.5ml vodka


  1. Muddle the melon and syrup to extract all the juice; add the rest of the ingredients and shake it really well in your cocktail shaker.
  2. Double strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a watermelon sail.

Check out more selected recipes for the happiest of hours. Sip safely, my friends.