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WO: Weekly Obsessions

First things first (as opposed to what? Such a dumb phrase): You can see I’ve changed my mind … again. While Esquire was quite lovely, the bottom navigation was pissing me off, and I’m too impatient to just deal with it. This new-new “Skeptical” theme should stick around a bit longer, I hope.

As promised, today marks a very special occasion for Weekly Obsessions: It’s been a year since the first WO! To commemorate this exciting (if only for me) day, I’ve found my four favorite WOs from the past year:

  1. Week 1: Where it all began … who knew I’d be so dedicated to something? Even I surprise myself sometimes.
  2. Week 15: The redesign of WO brought a fun and colorful update to an otherwise perfect planJ.
  3. Week 41: Going back through weeks of favorites, this one was my absolute best. Spot-on, I say.
  4. Week 47: Panama and Costa Rica was far and away the most exciting of my travels this past year — what I’d give to go back right now.

From pugs and posters to styles and songs, it’s been one incredible year. Thanks for sticking through all the random ridiculousness!