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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Before we jump into this week’s four finds I have to take a moment and celebrate: Today’s post marks the FOUR-HUNDREDTH WO!! That’s right, you get a double exclamation celebration! It’s hard to believe this concept and ultimately, this blog, has been around so long, but it wouldn’t be possible without your support. Cheers to that!


  1. “Bodega Bathroom”: Not an actual bodega bathroom, no. But the hilariously oddball and perfectly fantastic sketch from last week’s SNL. John Mulaney’s past hit of “Lobster Diner” meets its match with this all-out musical marathon. Words won’t do it justice. Just watch.
  2. Luke Perry: On a much more serious note, actor Luke Perry died Monday after suffering a massive stroke just days before. He was 52. And while I’ve certainly enjoyed his resurgence with his role on “Riverdale,” I could never forget how instrumental he was for all us “90210” and “What I Like About You” fans. I can’t imagine how the Perry family feels with such a devastating shock.
  3. Lent: There’s no easy segue to the next topic on my mind, as the Lenten season is upon us. I’m holding out for tonight’s 7:30 mass and looking forward to one of my all-time favorite choral songs, “Ashes.” No matter what you sacrifice or start doing (or if you don’t celebrate at all), I’m wishing you peace, love and joy over the next 40 days.
  4. “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time” – Thomas Rhett f. Little Big Town: You know when you hear a song that speaks to you on just about every level? This does that for me. Partially because it mentions Wednesdays, partially because there’s a shout-out to my hometown (DAYTONA!), partially because Thomas Rhett is a national treasure. He debuted this and another song on SNL, giving my fave show yet another leg up.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s Ash Wednesday, which is pretty exciting for this vice-ridden lady. I actually enjoy this yearly challenge to make a sacrifice — akin to Jesus dying for our sins — and blast it all over the Internet. So let’s get to it!

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  1. Bye-Bye, Seamless: My wallet (and waistline) will definitely thank me after giving up this food-delivery service. I may or may not have shed a tear when I deleted the app, but I already know it’s the right move to make.
  2. Hi There, AdvoCare: In addition to a yearly sacrifice, I try to start doing something new. This time, it’s a cleanse system to help me get reenergized and handle the daily stress that seems to just bring me down.
  3. See Ya, Self-Loathing: If you couldn’t tell, I’m trying to focus on health and wellness goals I’ve neglected for … ever? This includes my aggravation with the scale, and instead focusing on the victories I achieve.
  4. Hello Again, Church: I haven’t been to mass regularly for some time, so it’s only fitting I recommit to my faith and get that weekly dose of wine. I’m looking forward to reestablishing this positive routine.

That was as cathartic as confession — hope all my fellow Lenten lovelies are just as motivated and cleansed!

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Open wide for this week’s spoonful of senility:

  1. Ash Wednesday: It’s that special time of year when smudged foreheads are common and we Catholics have Fish Fry Fridays — happy Lent, everybody!
  2. Tampa Bay’s 2nd Annual NEDA Walk: An organization I’m part of is sponsoring this annual walk for eating-disorder awareness. It’s this Saturday, Feb. 25, at Al Lopez Park — will you be there?
  3. Old-Lady Walks: When I need some time to myself (with Rachel), laps around the office lobby are in order. We channel our inner old ladies — now, if only we could wear neon sweat suits …
  4. This Song: The random song filling my mental jukebox all week long? “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?” Not sure where it came from, but sure wish it would leave.

I’m still trying to figure out what I’m sacrificing this Lenten season. Till then, I can’t help but celebrate National Margarita Day with my biffle, Jose Cuervo. Cheers!

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