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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m feeling especially peppy this evening, perhaps because I was up earlier than normal and did some good for my community. Or because I have a phone date with my mom tonight and can’t wait to hear her voice. Whatever the reason, here are four more things to celebrate: 

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  1. SF-Marin Food Bank: I had the pleasure of volunteering at the SF-Marin Food Bank this morning. The hours passed quickly, thanks in large part to lively crew mates and tunes. But even more exciting than that? The 4,200 pounds of rice we packed will feed more than 16,000 Bay Area residents in need.
  2. Ben’s Bitter Award: My fellow blogger and favorite naysayer, Ben, is up for an awesome award — and he only wants 2nd place! So go vote for him and tell all your friends … because 2nd place for WEBLOG OF THE YEAR is hardly impressive.
  3. A Song A Day: Speaking of my talented friends, you should todes sign up for my friend Shannon’s site, A Song A Day. I’m discovering great artists and songs I’d have otherwise never known … plus Shannon is like, the best. You can also sign up to be a curator and help others find solid tunes. So do it!
  4. “Weathervane” – PigPen Theatre Co.: This was the first (of many) gems found by the curators at A Song A Day. It’s moody and brooding and all the things I love to tune into when I need to zone out.

 Images courtesy of: SF-Marin Food Bank, Bloggies, A Song A Day, SoundCloud