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I Have a Bone to Pick with “Most Eligible Dallas”

I have a bone to pick with Bravo series “Most Eligible Dallas.” You may be thinking, “Well, it’s your own fault for watching a reality show about single people and setting expectations.” But, naysayers beware: The show itself was light-hearted and fun … that is, until its season finale last Monday.

All season long, we (just me?) watched, anxiously awaiting the will-they-or-won’t-they outcome of Courtney Kerr and Matt Nordgren, who’d always remained “just friends.” Their chemistry was undeniable, but their timing was completely off.

The finale culminated in both Court and Matty being recently single, and he invited her to his parents’ compound for a weekend getaway. In the most cliché of all places, a hot tub brought the pair to palpable sexual tension that just had to be sorted out.

They kissed, and onscreen interviews later had both with stars in their eyes. He walked her to her door, they kissed once more and matching goofy smiles said it all: This was more than just lust.

That is, until we (still just me?) saw Andy Cohen’s live “Watch What Happens” afterward. Kerr and Nordgren looked just as happy and flirty, but when the subject came up, it was revealed that they are no longer together.

Damn you, “Most Eligible Dallas” — how dare you? We already have millions of fictional movies and TV shows where the couples live happily ever after … and then when there’s a very genuine, very intense sexual chemistry between two people, it doesn’t last?

Reality is the antithesis of everything we’re taught as little girls to believe, and it’s just not fair. I know that Disney movies are the biggest purveyor of these fantasy-spun lies, but I’m just so tired of it happening on so-called reality shows too.

I don’t know if the Courtney and Matt saga was played up as part of a ratings scheme, but I hope it doesn’t resurface next season. Of course, I’ll still watch — I just won’t be happy about it. Y’all.