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WO: Weekly Obsessions

In case you couldn’t tell from my mentions of post-wedding burgers or J-Law’s hunger pangs, food is on my mind A LOT lately. It’s no wonder, then:
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  1. Eggs Benedict: My first experience with this dish years ago (in NYC, actually) was a bad one, resulting in illness. I finally got over it two weeks ago and my Keys roommate created our own version. The curse is lifted!
  2. The Bee’s Knees Peanut Butter: A friend recommended this healthier version of PB, and I finally found it at a local market. Honey and peanut butter come together to make it seriously difficult to not lick the jar clean.
  3. Girl Scout Cookies: Um, duh. I ordered a few boxes months ago and had totally forgotten — until I returned to the office Monday with them sitting at my desk. Thank goodness my teammates are open to sharing … the last thing I need is 40 Thin Mints laying around.
  4. “Between the Raindrops” – Lifehouse f. Natasha Bedingfield: After all these treats, it’s pretty obvious a workout is in order. This beat starts a bit slow but picks up and makes it nearly impossible to not dance, run or jump around. Enjoy!
Images courtesy of: Mah iPhone, I Love Peanut ButterGirl Scoutstumblr

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Today marks my 10th straight day of work, and I’ve got to trudge through just ONE more before vacation! A few close girlfriends and I will set the high seas with Magz and her girls for three days of Caribbean bliss. Till that ship sails, here’s your weekly dose of dreamy:

Piña Coladas*: I am normally not a fan of frozen cocktails and will take my drinks on the rocks, thankyouverymuch. However, no island vacay is complete without this tall glass of frozen coconut and rum and deliciousness. Cheers!

Bright Nail Polish: Considering how clumsy I am, you probably didn’t peg me for a nail polish fiend. There’s just something I love about pretty polishes, especially in bright colors (before “fall” Florida weather arrives). I’m currently rocking blinding teal tips and kind of can’t stop staring at my digits.

“Freckles”: I’m a huge fan of Natasha Bedingfield’s unique voice, and this song is just too stinkin’ cute. My fair Irish skin is covered with “angel kisses,” so I’ve had a couple of decades to get used to what I’ve been given.  I won’t return from the cruise with an awesome tan, but I WILL have approximately 800 more freckles. Wee!

Unplugging: One of my absolute favorite things about going on cruises is that you leave (most) technology behind. I won’t need my phone, email or Facebook for three full days — and that feels fantastic. Of course, I’m still bringing my iPod … how else do you expect me to sit in the sun without losing interest?

Here’s hoping I don’t have any catastrophes a la my travels to San Fran. I’m ready to be ON A BOAT (had to do it). Adios!

*I’m fully aware that the drink pictured is an Appletini. Just go with it.