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Weekend Recap

I’m generally not one to brag, but I have to say: My weekend was just plain awesome. It feels like I’m hitting my stride in my new city, and I couldn’t be happier with the experiences and memories I’m gaining.

Courtesy of someecards.com

Friday: SA-KE-BOMB!

  • All You Can Eat Sushi + Sake @ Chinatown East – sushi was delicious, but the unlimited sake bombs reeeally got the night going
  • One and One – a new favorite spot, it’s chill upstairs and a thumping club downstairs
  • Dancing at Pianos – worth the $5 cover to go upstairs for better music and quicker service
  • We hit another bar after that, but I don’t remember the name (sign of a good time)

Saturday: Low-Key Lounging

  • Slept in for the first time in weeks and accomplished nothing – oddly OK with this
  • Wharf in Murray Hill – visited our friend who works there for pre-gaming
  • Brooklyn house party – celebrated friends who graduated from hair school, law school, design school and another who passed the NY State Bar

Sunday: Fun-Filled Finale

  • Boozy brunch at The Guilty Goose in Chelsea – very strong mimosas alongside eggs benedict with a jalapeño hollandaise
  • Stopped in to see Heroes & Villains at FIT – fascinating facts featured in fun and interesting exhibits
  • Made our way home to watch SNL – Kristen Wiig’s return to the stage at 30 Rock did not disappoint
  • Phone date with Magz – because she should be celebrated every day for what she put up with from us

Though it went by way too quickly, I had an absolute blast throughout this weekend. I can’t wait to enjoy more of this improved weather and share my finds with you guys. Cheers!


WO: Weekly Obsessions

Today’s nine hours of travel while fighting off a nasty head cold was enough “adventure” for me to begin my life in New York. And now, our hotel Wi-Fi won’t grant me access — safe to say I’m beyond annoyed.

But I know, without a doubt, I am making the right choice in taking this chance.

Even as the wind of a raging storm whips against our windows, I’m excited and so ready for this chapter to begin.

And I think that’s worth enough WO to last a lifetime.

Witty in Fitty: Real. Life.

Courtesy of GoNYC.About.com

Booked a one-way flight to NYC today. Nonrefundable. No turning back.

I’m excited and scared and happy and sad and most of all, I’m thankful.

My support system has been incredible — always is, but especially —
the past week.

I can’t wait for my life as a New Yorker to begin.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

This week’s obsessions are all specifically selected to honor one of the best cities in the world — and one I’ll soon call “home.”

That’s right, dear readers: I’ve accepted a job offer in NEW YORK CITY! The champagne is poured and the mittens are purchased … let’s keep the party going.

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  1. Central Park: Is there anything more beautiful than a snow-capped Central Park? I’m sure the novelty will wear off when I’m shivering in my boots, but for now, just look how preeetty.
  2. Yankee Stadium: Um, duh. It’s the offseason, so they have a few months to prepare for my arrival. But you bet your pinstripes I’ll be there as often as I can. Mrs. Cano, anyone?
  3. Rockefeller Center: It’s the 80th anniversary of this majestic holiday tradition at Rock Center. Ice skating, hot chocolate and a larger-than-life tree? Don’t mind if I do.
  4. “New York, New York” – Frank Sinatra: Might as well go full-force with my NY mania, right? Iconic singer, legendary song, and it’s played after every Yankee win at home — perfection.

The coming weeks will be filled with excitement and anxiety, but I’m incredibly thankful for the blessings I’ve been granted. Hope you’re each having a wonderful week and celebrating your good fortunes too.

Images courtesy of: Javed Sultan, Wikipedia, NY Mag, The Red List, Wikipedia