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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Coming off a week of work + play in San Diego, I am nothing if not tired. So it’s perfect timing for a week-long work summit, don’t you think? I’m grateful I’m not jet-lagged like my colleagues from Europe and Asia, but I am in need of more coffee than usual for this marathon event.

While researching for a presentation I’m giving tomorrow, I was reminded of this classic Yuletide favorite. I loved Parks & Rec, naturally, and Nick Offerman (AKA Ron Swanson) is the perfect person to watch by the fire, sipping his whisky.

Please enjoy and look forward to some full-fledged obsessions — plus other posts — coming soon!

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

While most of SF is recovering from its annual shitshow, Outside Lands, I’m recovering from my own shot nerves, lack of sleep and downright refusal to sit still. Let’s focus for the next few minutes, at least, on these:

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  1. Poncho: I’ve had my eye on this delightful daily weather report for months, and it’s finally extended service to San Francisco! The forecasts are fun and factual, with equal parts story and sass. See if Poncho is in your area!
  2. Saving Grace: I’ve been reading more for fun lately, and this latest from seasoned storyteller Jane Green was a fast and easy-to-digest book. It made a six-hour flight more bearable, and it made me think about what people’s “perfect lives” really entail.
  3. Taco Bell Portraits: Brittany Nicole Creech is officially the most popular girl in America this week. Her senior portraits didn’t have your typical feather boa, fake rose and wistful expression — she took them at TACO BELL. Can you say #killingit?
  4. John Oliver Revamps Sex Ed: Speaking of high school, remember how awkward it was to learn (or not) about the birds and the bees from your inexperienced (or not) friends? John Oliver takes down the lack of sex education in America, and the crowning jewel is this star-studded video. Enjoy!

Images courtesy of: Dribbble, Goodreads, BuzzFeed, EntertainThis