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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I had a blast hosting one of my best friends for the past few days. We’ve known each other for 12 years, and he was truly my savior while living in NYC — so it was the least I could do to show him a little bit of my new life in SF.

At the risk of getting way too sentimental on you all, let’s just distract all the feels with these picks, instead:

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  1. The Oscars: The dresses, the drama, the divine NPH … Sunday’s 87th Annual Academy Awards were certainly abuzz all over the social stratosphere. I personally wasn’t surprised by many of the wins, but I’m still itching to see “Boyhood” and was sad it wasn’t recognized more.
  2. Picaro: This tapas restaurant in The Mission features fresh and fruity sangria alongside a million (or so) small plates. The service was great, the food was fantastic and the drinks never stopped flowing. ¡Olé!
  3. Dolores Park: Also in The Mission, this iconic park is the place to be on a sunny day in SF. My friend Mike and I mostly judged all the hipster-hippy hybrids, but it sure was a beautiful place to do it.
  4. Chloe’s Side Eye: Speaking of judgment, “Chloe’s side eye” was the recurring theme for Mike’s visit. Now, I would have shared Xtina’s incredible performance on The Tonight Show, but it has 18 million views and you’ve already watched it 100 times with me. Plus, there’s nothing quite like seeing shade thrown by a 3-year-old.

Ffwd to 2 minutes in for the best of it.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

As much as I’m normally a Grinch this time of year, a few promotions and opportunities to help others have put me in the holiday spirit. I’m still not singing “Jingle Bells” anytime soon, but check out these chances to give back and win: 

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  1. National Believe Day is Friday: Join Macy’s in its 5th annual partnership with Make-A-Wish®! They’ll donate $1/letter received now through Dec. 24, up to $1M— plus an additional $1/letter this Friday, for up to another $1M! Post a picture with #MacysBelieve and you could be in a Macy’s commercial — plus check out the TV special “Yes, Virginia” on CBS at 8:30 p.m.
  2. USF Share the Love: My alma mater’s Alumni Association is sponsoring this two-week contest with daily giveaways. Entering is super easy, and you can win tons of cute USF-themed items!
  3. Kobeyaki: The struggle is real to find a quick lunchtime spot that also satisfies. Lucky for me, the midtown location of this fast Japanese food place opened recently. Like their page on Facebook for a chance to win free Kobeyaki for a year!
  4. “Merry Happy” – Kate Nash: Pandora wins, once again. A breakup ballad that’s anything but sad, coupled with the Brits’ sense of humor. What’s not to love?

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