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WO: Weekly Obsessions

First things first, let’s recap some major events in my life (in order of importance):

  • The “New Girl” finale was not, in fact, last week — IMDb (as of last Tuesday) and my DVR listed the Backslide episode as the finale. I wasn’t much more impressed with the actual finale last night, but I got to hear “How Bizarre,” so there’s that.
  • I wore a white dress to work, and I made it the entire day without spilling a single thing on it! Not a skinny caramel latte, nor crispy honey chicken, nor après-work brews stained me. Is this what being a grown-up feels like?
  • I leave for a 10-day jaunt through Panama and Costa Rica in 10 days. The money I saved by borrowing a traveler’s backpack was dumped swiftly on fancy sweat-proof clothes. Priorities, girl.
  • My Spotify is all about Whitney today. This is notable for the sheer fact that I just discovered I’ve no less than 22 songs of hers in my repertoire.

And now, on to this week’s ob-theth-ions (I’m practicing an authentic ak-thent for my trip):

  1. Running off the Reese’s: A co-worker introduced me to this blog late last week, and I’m on page 47 of its archives. FORTY. SEVEN. I can’t stop, which is my same issue with Reese’s cups. Whoa, inception.
  2. Mark Potter for Google Plus: Is there anything sweeter than this (probably fake) commercial? I watch it through every time. And, it sometimes makes me cry. If an ad makes even me feel emotion, you know it’s done well.
  3. Sue Sylvester, on Advertising: Speaking of the ad world, Sue Sylvester had the best outlook on my chosen profession: “Advertisers are manipulative alcoholics who use images to play on our emotions. Haven’t you seen Mad Men?”
  4. “Best Friends Forever”: I discovered this gem during my Lazy Sunday. Sadly, only six episodes were filmed before it was canceled (it’s “Perfect Couples” all over again!) — sign the petition to bring it back. Not kidding. Not even a little bit.

And for all the haters, Harvard baseball players love “Call Me Maybe.” Hate on, suckas.

Images courtesy of: Running off the Reese’s, YouTube, Rocky Mountain Blog, Entertainment Weekly