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WO: Weekly Obsessions

OK, so I finally understand why people find Christmastime in New York City so magical. The lights, the decorations, the snow … it’s all pretty exciting for this Florida girl. Here’s what else has me fa-la-laing:

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  1. This London Fog Coat: Remember how I’d marry those LOFT leggings if I could (I’m wearing them again today, obviously). Well, the same goes for this absolutely perfect winter coat. It fits like a dream and is warm without being bulky — just look how happy that model is!
  2. #PaleGirlProblems: My fair-skinned frand was such a peach for showing me this list of true issues for the fair and freckled. As much as I’m loving the winter here so far, it sure does make me realize just how pasty I can get. Hooray!
  3. People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Drucks struck gold twice this week when she shared an amazing blog that so encapsulates everything I want to be in life. From overachieving mommies to movie-theater a-holes, she’s got it all covered.
  4. “Evolution of Beyoncé” – Pentatonix: It’s been a while (read: NEVER) since I featured a song from Queen B. This should count for at least a half a point, since it’s a Beyoncé-inspired medley of magic. Pentatonix, you just won yourself a new fan.


Images courtesy of: Macy’s, Elite Daily, PIWTPITT, SoundCloud