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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Things are certainly looking up, my friends. Isn’t it funny how you can go from some of your lowest lows to some of your highest highs in just a few days’ time? …Maybe not funny haha, but interesting to say the least.

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  1. Vince Camuto Julia Satchel: In addition to last week’s musical medley, I decided to treat myself to a little retail therapy. I’ve had my eye on this beauty for a while and finally pulled the trigger during Macy’s Friends & Family Sale. I mean, it was basically free 😉
  2. My Promotion!: The workweek started with a lovely surprise meeting with my bosses, where I was promoted to be a Copy Manager! I’m still basking in the glow of being recognized, and I’m so excited to see what my future holds. Cheers to that.
  3. Bay to Breakers: This 103-year-old tradition is the premier event for San Franciscans, and this year’s iconic race kicks off Sunday at 8 a.m. A little aggressive, but the promise of costumes and mimosas shall keep me in high spirits.
  4. “Fight Song” – Rachel Platten: The lyrics are beautiful, the melody is awesome and I can’t seem to get this little ditty out of my head. Not that I’m complaining — nothing says “girl power” quite like “I don’t really care if nobody else believes, ‘cuz I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.”

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I have every intention of posting more regularly — I promise. But something about the weather and this time of year has me inspired more to socialize than write … it’s a real problem for my wallet (and my liver). Till I can get my act together, here’s what else I’m digging:

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  1. Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock: I saw this feel-good video on BuzzFeed and was in tears after approximately 20 seconds. Consider donating to their causes and definitely appreciate the awesomeness.
  2. Retail Therapy: Few things comfort and quiet me the way a good deal does, and I’ve gotten a double dose this week. My employee discount + LOFT’s 50% off sale today  = may or may not be broke till payday.
  3. Hot Apple Cider: Our office Keurigs get plenty of use from others, but I rarely make myself anything. That all changed when a friend recommended the Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider K-Cups. Holy delicious and fall-tastic!
  4. “What Does the Fox Say?” – Ylvis: I hate myself for letting this song get stuck in my head, but how can you resist the catchiest parody video in months? Simple. Watch their latest release, “Massachusetts” instead.


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Fab Finds

First things first: Wittyburg is finally social! Check out the blog’s page on Facebook to follow ramblings and more.

Next up: I’ve turned to retail therapy once again, this time to stave off my post-travel depression. Fab.com is a design dream, with everything from art and furniture to clothes and pet products.

You have to be a member to view listings, so comment with your email address if you’d like an invite.

My favorite shops this week — some with sales ending very soon — are listed below.


1. Tiny Confessions | Art that Barks and Bites: Ever wonder what creatures around you are thinking? Christopher Rozzi knows, and he’s sharing them here

2. I Screen You Screen | Hearty Hand-Pulled Screen Prints: Fun and fresh prints can liven up any living room or office space.

3. Von Vonni | Transformational Fashion: Maximize your wardrobe with dresses that change into a variety of styles with a few simple steps.

4. Areaware | Hip Homewares: I saw this hook on cupcakes + cashmere ages ago, and it still makes me giggle with glee.

5. Creature Cups | Hidden Creatures in Your Cup: A sea otter in your cup of coffee is the best way to wake up, I think.

6. Father’s Day Pop-Up Shop | Various: Treat your dad to one of these pop-up shop items, and he’s sure to love them.

My Name Is Wittyburg, and I Have a Problem

I have a serious addiction, people. It drags me out of my lowest lows, and it elevates me to my highest highs. It comforts and quiets me (the latter being a difficult task, as many of you know). What is this addiction? Shopping.

Others may scoff at retail therapy, but I believe it to be very real. Like, frighteningly real.

This weekend had me in quite a funk. I was working on some not-so-fun projects, my dear Bulls lost and the grocery shopping I’d put off for weeks resulted in me eating chips and salsa for breakfast. True story.

But yesterday, a good friend offered to take me along on an excursion to the outlets at Ellenton. Could my weak soul endure a 45-minute drive? What if I didn’t find anything good, and then it’d all be a giant waste (and even more depressing)?

I found strength after a tasty brunch at Ella’s — a meal worthy of its own post. We hit the road, and I played DJ, hoping the sounds of 90s pop would lift my spirits.

After just four hours of marathon shopping, my chutzpah was restored. I was smiling, even — dare I say — laughing.

For less than $180, I snagged 12 items in total from The Gap and Banana Republic:

  • 2 pairs of comfy, but cute flats
  • 2 pairs of opaque tights
  • 2 braided, gilded headbands
  • 2 office-appropriate dresses; 1 business and 1 casual
  • 1 gray embellished T-shirt
  • 1 gorgeous lace skirt (my splurge of the day)
  • 1 cozy, but fitted hoodie
  • 1 adorable grandpa sweater with current-obsession elbow patches

Browsing through other favorites (Nine West and Ann Taylor Loft) also helped. Of course, as the holidays approach, I’ll be cursing these stores when they fill with clamoring idiots. But for now, it was just what I needed.

My name is Wittyburg, and I have a problem solution.