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WO: Weekly Obsessions

There have been a lot of awful headlines lately — and while I understand the News 101 concept of “If it bleeds, it leads,” I’m particularly tired of hearing all the bad. Here’s my attempt to bring the smallest bit of sunshine to your day:

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  1. Garmin Vîvofit: Santa was kind enough to supply my mom, sister-in-law and me with our very own Garmin Vîvofit activity trackers. We’re in a friendly competition to shed some lbs and have fun while doing it. I don’t love the app, but daily goals and gentle reminders to get moving are super motivating.
  2. Instacart: I loathe the entire act of grocery shopping since moving away from Publix. But thanks to this handy app, I no longer have to muddle through aisles and lug large bags. Pick a store in your area (or Instacart Plus), select your items and set your delivery time. It’s that easy!
  3. Rampage Ivory 50/50 Stretch Boots: In the words of Lloyd Christmas, “Killer boots, man.” These stretchy rider boots are so comfy and lasted well through my 10,000 daily steps 🙂 And at this price point, how can you say no?
  4. “Title” – Meghan Trainor: My favorite songstress of 2014 continues to impress with the, err, title track off her album. Its message couldn’t be more appropriate for my current love (or lack thereof) life. And though people have complained it’s anti-feminist, I think perhaps they’re just not really listening. I say preach, girl!

Audio only … girlfriend needs to get on this music video, stat!

 Images courtesy of: PC Mag, Twitter, Macy’s, Wikipedia

On Being Boot Cute*

Some guys at work have a hard time understanding the phenomenon that takes place with the womenfolk this time of year: excitement about wearing boots.

I am a devoted participant in this craze, which usually begins in November and lasts throughout February. Especially in Florida, we try to stretch every second of boot-wearing as much as we can.

While I can’t fully explain our rationale — nor speak for the whole female population — I can say that boots are exciting, simply because they are not flip-flops.

We wear open-toe shoes (read: sandals) most of the year, and it’s wonderful to dress up jeans with sleek riding boots or make a classic sheath trendy with tights and heeled booties.

Pick your poison.

Ladies, all of the styles below can be found for $150 or less — you heard me. And most styles come in multiple colors, so be sure to check the links for more options.

Boys, even though you may not understand it, you should be able to appreciate the beauty that is a nice boot(y):

Wildly Western — Find your inner Carrie Underwood with these styles.

This gilded Bubbly pair from Dan Post kicks things off right.

Though called Uptown, these are more fit for the farmer’s daughter.

Ride off into the sunset with Kagome at your feet.

Call It Spring brings a distressed distinction with Hammerle.

Relaxed Riders — Running to the grocery store never looked so good.

Nine West consistently delivers, and Vermillion is no exception.

For just $40, you can make Magaska yours.

Love of my life Enzo Angiolini drops some style with Zayra.

Not to be outdone, here’s the MIA version of “Xara.”

Well-Heeled Ways — Add some height and interest with a reliable heel.

Sassy and edgy, Nailah will take you to the dark side.

Alicia is just here to look pretty — and damn, she’s good at it.

Volatile’s Cassidy design is equal parts classic and trendy.

Sheila can assure you why you must have blue boots — now.

Brazen Booties — Fiercely dramatic, these will make any outfit even hotter.

Boyfrand Enzo Angiolini had me at “Haver.”

Did you just die a little inside? Yeah, Cybelle will do that to you.

McKenna: So beautiful, a song could be done in her honor.

I don’t think I’d ever leave the mirror while wearing Katana.

If you’d like an invitation to join Shoedazzle or Just Fabulous, leave your email in the comments section. Both clubs have on-trend styles, as well as classic looks for your feet — all for about $40/pair.

I’m personally drooling over the Cybelle booties — good thing payday is Friday!

*By definition, UGGS are not cute. If you’re looking for praise of this brand, you’ve come to the wrong blog.