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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Was last week a whirlwind for you all, too? Even with Thursday off from work, I can’t quite believe how fast Thanksgiving came and went. Oh, and it’s December. Where does the time ever go?

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  1. “The Talented Mr. Ripley”: Speaking of time, step back to the 1950s (or 1999, because that’s how far behind I am) and soak up this thrilling tale of deception and lust. The book was better — yes, I’m an asshole — but the movie is pretty damn good.
  2. Ryan Gosling Hosts SNL: If time continues to move at warp speed, then Christmas come early indeed. My love for The Gos has become a parody at the office, but my excitement for Saturday is fully genuine. Here’s hoping there’s at least one shirtless sketch!
  3. “California Christmastime” – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”: This CW show continues to surprise me week after week, and this finale number from Monday’s episode was another showstopper. It’s a little more referential to SoCal than San Francisco, but all Californians alike are finding ourselves.
  4. Spiced Pork, Squash & White Bean Soup: I’ve obsessed over Blue Apron for most of this year, and there are often recipes I’d repeat again. But never have I felt so compelled to share — this soup not only made about five servings, but it was so easy to make (once you hack through the squash)! Enjoy 🙂

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I say it often, but I can’t quite believe how fast time flies! We’re nearly halfway through 2015, yet it feels like New Year’s Eve was just a few weeks ago. Of course, it doesn’t help that back-to-school ads are already out when it’s still JUNE. But, I digress:

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  1. “Silicon Valley”: I’m behind the trend, but this HBO show focused on the infamous valley’s tech bubble is pure genius. Most of the main cast are longtime standup comedians; and the humor is smart, snarky and of course, tech-douchey. Watch it on demand, till it returns next spring.
  2. The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant: I pass this authentic Irish establishment on my daily morning commute, and I finally had the chance to stop in last week for a pint. The service was great, the atmosphere electric, and we endlessly enjoyed our respective cider and ale.
  3. “Hey Girl” Journal: A super-thoughtful co-worker and friend gifted me this delightful little journal to pen all my deep thoughts — particularly about the Gosman himself. It’s filled with “Hey Girl” quotes and doodles of Gosling … sure to provide endless hours of entertainment.
  4. “Shut Up and Dance” – Walk the Moon: Upbeat lyrics + a poppy track + constant encouragement to shake it = a winning combo. This one’s been on repeat for me lately, and I make no apologies for it.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s been seven days and 3,000 miles since my last post, and all I can say is PHEWWW.

Remind me again whose idea it was to move across the country? Oh, right. Mine.

In the spirit of my new city, here are four fairly random finds that should, if nothing else, bring a smile to your face:

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  1. Hey Girl: My team here knows me all too well, and decorated my desk with plenty of Gosling memes to keep me motivated. Bravo, guys.
  2. Virgin America: I hadn’t flown with this airline previously, but they really helped make the trek more comfortable. Interactive screens + friendly staff + a fun safety video = sign me up.
  3. Uber: Another lifesaver lately is Uber, an app I rarely used in NYC but find myself relying on here. You can summon a driver, schedule your own pickup and arrival, and pay — all through the app. It’s almost too convenient.
  4. “Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift: I hate, hate, hate that I love this song. But it’s so damn catchy and I can’t seem to get it outta my head! When the world seems against you … just shake it off, shake it off.


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Pinning a Place

While it was so much easier to move with only three suitcases in tow, I’ve quickly learned just how much I need to buy. Not stuff, necessarily — but certainly some necessities and touches to make our new apartment feel more like home than hotel.

For example, we’re currently sharing an air mattress. In the living room. Without curtains.

Adventurous, sure. But practical, hell no.

Thank goodness for Pinterest, allowing my Happy Home board to blow up as I dream of decorating and furnishing. I’ve never been so excited to spend monies.

A Perfect Palette: I love shades of gray + blush with pops of yellow.
Some pinspirations …




Off the Wall: From gilded temporary wallpaper to creative clings, I’ve
got it covered.







Clever + Cozy Accents: Hey girl, I know you love Kanye’s tweets and are in need of storage solutions.






OMGShoes RollingRack Ruffle Wine

And Just Because: Who doesn’t want a couch that converts into
bunk beds?!


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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Another Wednesday is upon us, and I can’t quite believe that it’s already April. This week’s obsessions are all taken from the now-viral “13 Simple Steps to Get You through a Rough Day,” from BuzzFeed.

  1. Feeling pretty: Whether it’s an LBD or your best pair of jeans, nothing turns a day around faster than feeling like you’ve got it going on. As the walrus says, “Do your thang, girlfrand.”
  2. Puppies, puppies and even more puppies: I’ve never been a cat lady, plain and simple. Little baby puppy faces, however, get me every time. J’adore!
  3. “Not You”: Whenever life gets you down, just think of all the people whose lives you’re not living. Posing with your grandfather’s tombstone, for example, is just plain crazy.
  4. Ryan Gosling:  Le duh! (See how good my French has become?) Gosling is my hero, my muse … my everything. Not to be dramatic — but he’s kind of a big deal. And an even bigger deal when penguins are involved.

See, now wasn’t that cheaper than therapy? Wishing everyone a hippity-hoppity helluva week!

Images courtesy of: BuzzFeed

Dear Santa …

I never tire of writing ridiculous Christmas Wish Lists. I rarely need anything, and I prefer to buy the things I want for myself. So, here’s my 2011 Wish List for Santa — good luck, big guy.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I want:

My boyfrand to stop being on location for so many movies

Snow-capped Central Park … in Tampa

Any of the little guys from my Furry Friends Pinterest board


Martha Stewart’s home, her entertaining skillz —and the dog

My Christmas spirit to last the entire season (for once)

Xo, Wittyburg

P.S. Did anyone else realize Martha put a bird on it?