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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m happy to report I made it safely back to SF, and even happier to report my four-day migraine has finally subsided. Is it possible my silent apartment was, in fact, deafening after eight days of nonstop fun with two nieces, two dogs and family galore?

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  1. RIO 2016: If you know anything about me from 2012 and 2014, you know “obsessed” is an understatement for how I feel about the Olympics. The opening ceremonies in Rio are Friday, and I can’t quite wait to fill the DVR with gymnastics, beach volleyball, swimming, sailing and speedwalking.
  2. Local Olympians: It wouldn’t be fair to mention my love for the games without highlighting alumni of my high school and college Greek life, respectively. Ryan Lochte already has 11 Olympic swimming medals, so why not add some more to the collection — and with a new ‘do? And Paige Railey hopes to sail her way to victory in her second Olympic games. Good luck, FL friends!
  3. Cosmo + Tasha Tie the Knot: In non-Olympics news, a good friend from my Tampa days will marry the love of his life in Napa next week. The celebrations start Friday, though, so it’s a good a time as ever to wish them well. Cheers to all this next chapter will bring, you two — I can’t wait to celebrate!
  4. U.S. Men’s Basketball Sings Vanessa Carlton: Is there anything better than a bunch of grown men, who are professional basketball players, singing a sickly sweet pop song? I submit that there is not. Carmelo just isn’t having it, but the other guys seem to know a good thing when they hear it.

Images courtesy of: Olympics, NY Daily News + Alchetron, Facebook, Today

Lessons from London

I’ve watched the 2012 Summer Olympics from my couch for a week now, so clearly I’m an athletic expert. Here are some things I’ve learned along the way and would love to share with the regular people.

The last person on Earth I’d expect to see cover the games is Seacrest.

My cartwheels will need to improve if I want to make it to Rio.
Glitter hairspray and scrunchies alone won’t get me there.

It could never work out between me and Russell Holmes.
He’s Mormon and I don’t like to share. Matt Anderson will have to do.

Debbie Phelps gets exponentially more insufferable every four years.

NBC’s lack of coverage from Speed Walking is thoroughly disappointing.

A Hollywood brat cheating makes bigger headlines on Facebook than history being made every day.

The U.S. Men’s Swimming team should be cast in “Magic Mike 2.”
Let those abs do the talking.

Trampoline is not nearly as exciting a sport as the name lends itself to be.

Kerri Walsh Jennings has two sons, one named Sundance. Real life.

The U.S. stole music from other countries, so I keep singing
“My Country ‘Tis of Thee” every time “God Save the Queen” plays.

We should learn Metrics as children.
I have no clue how long a 10,000m run is. (30,000ft? How many MILES?)

And, so you have it. Now back to prepping for tonight’s events … bring on the Badminton, please!