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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Let’s try something new and exciting for a change, shall we? This week’s obsessions are brought to you bright and early (for me), because I find the last thing I want to do after a long day in front of the computer is … be on the computer more. Be sure to let me know if you love this or hate this or are indifferent because you love me regardless.

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  1. Skype: Our digital world is wonderful for keeping in touch, but there’s nothing quite as special as seeing your loved ones’ faces. Covered in chocolate. Giving apartment tours and taking lobby walks has never been easier with Skype.
  2. The Oscars: As awards season comes to a close, Sunday brings us the 85th Academy Awards. I can’t wait to see what host Seth MacFarlane will say and what BFF Jennifer Lawrence will spew. Watch it on ABC at 830 EST.
  3. Texts from Bennett: Fake or not, this compilation of texts from the author’s 17-year-old (white) cousin is hilarious. Many thanks to my friend Jess for reminding me of its existence.
  4. Taran Killam as Robyn: Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” mentioned the late-night antics of SNL’s writers’ room, and this is definitive proof. Wild and wacky, his tribute to “Call Your Girlfriend” is fantastical.

Images courtesy of: Skype, Filmofilia, Texts from Bennett, Popdust

WO: Weekly Obsessions

The problem with traveling and experiencing incredible new things each day is that coming back to reality sucks. It’s been a few weeks since Panama and Costa Rica, and plenty of exciting things have happened — but nothing quite as exhilarating as exploring new territory. Lucky for me, I’ve got these to keep my mind occupied elsewhere:

  1. “Workaholics”: I’m late to the game on this one, but I’ve just started watching this season and am in love. Ders, Blake and my fave — Adam — give Peter, Michael and Samir a run for their money.
  2. Halls Causamento Contest: Entering a Facebook contest to marry a complete stranger in Vegas sounds like my kinda party. Those wacky Brazilians sure know how to make a statement!
  3. The Real Way People Clean Their Homes: I’m not the tidiest person around, but this comic makes me feel as close to normal as possible. The bedroom example = story of my life.
  4. “Ted”: Put the creator of “Family Guy” as an animated teddy bear living together with Marky Mark and Mila Kunis, and what do you get? This summer’s funniest comedy … calling it now. Watch the restricted trailer, but make sure you’ve got headphones.

Till next time, my friends.

Images courtesy of Comedy Central, AdAge, BuzzFeed, Pop Goes the Week