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Witty Rewind: June 2019

I thought it’d be fun to capture each month’s activities and milestones in a series called Witty Rewind. It may not be for posterity’s sake, but I hope you’ll enjoy looking back at the previous month with me.

I spent the bulk of June cheering on my brother’s fitness progress and not doing a whole lot toward my own. I’ve fallen out of routines, de-prioritized healthy habits, and generally made excuses for my lack of motivation. For the first time probably ever, though, I’m not completely beating myself up for it. [Negative thoughts squashed: ~20]

While I still have a hard time abandoning books I don’t love, I did evolve a bit into trying shorter stories and more memoirs. I did my best to like some titles, but there were only a few standouts from the nine I consumed in June. [Books read: 9]

Weather be damned, here’s the rest of my June un-gloomed:

  1. Finished a Vegas trip with CHRISTINA AGUILERA and her first residency show
  2. Fought yet another mystery illness, perhaps my body’s way of saying “slow the F down”
  3. Celebrated a dear couple’s wedding and toasted with their champagne burro
  4. Made new friends via an Airbnb stay at said wedding weekend
  5. Caught up with former colleagues at a happy hour where pigeons shat on us
  6. Mourned the loss of the Warriors in Game 6
  7. Co-hosted a beach bonfire with s’mores on s’mores on s’mores
  8. Celebrated a friend’s birthday with putt-putt and got the only Hole in One on the 18th hole!
  9. Remembered Dad during a quiet, reflective Father’s Day
  10. Volunteered with kinders and then veterans for my company’s month of service program
  11. Attended Book Club, having not read the book for probably the first time ever
  12. Continued the tradition of seeing the “Sex and the City Live!” drag show at Oasis
  13. Celebrated my second mom’s birthday with bocce, barbecue, and beers
  14. Did some self-care work in the form of nails did, hair did, everything did
  15. Virtually celebrated my niece’s third birthday and sparkly cowgirl costume

Courtesy of My iPhoneThis is my new bff, Zoe. She’s a little camera-shy.

Camera Roll Call

All right, just settle down, kids. Yes, it’s the triumphant return of Camera Roll Call.* It’s inspired in large part to the increasing requests from friends to see what I’m up to these days. Let’s have a look, shall we?
Courtesy of Mah iPhone
Had to document this local pizzeria for an old friend, Flaco.
Courtesy of Mah iPhone
Screen-grabbed this fun trivia fact about “Sex and the City” creator Candace Bushnell.
It gives me hope, despite the poor grammar.
Courtesy of Mah iPhone
*Although taken a few weeks ago, I made it all artsy when I uploaded
to Instagram Sunday.
Courtesy of Mah iPhone
Acting out “Enhance, Enhance” for Rachel, since I’m now an
Enhancements Copywriter.
Courtesy of Mah iPhone
Showing off a good-bye gift from Magz, coupled with my Claddagh and Butler Please polish from essie.

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Now that I’m a big-time city girl (no, really), I must share the apps I’ve recently downloaded and learned to love. Whether in need of dinner delivery or photo finessing, these free apps are worthy of the prestigious WO nod.

 Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Seamless: Hungry, but don’t feel like leaving the apartment? Too tired to even speak to another human being?  Then, Seamless is for you: Order from local restaurants with just a few clicks, and enjoy a new food find faster than you can say “Forever lazy.”
  2. EmbarkNYC: Master mass transit and everyday travel in Manhattan (and outlying boroughs) with the help of this easy-to-use app. I prefer it to HopStop, which requires Wi-Fi, AKA it won’t work when you’re underground.
  3. Pic Stitch: I’ve used another photo app for a while and ignored the growing Pic Stitch trend. Silly me, I didn’t realize the craze was merited with simple navigation and special features. I’m now a convert.
  4. This Quiz: OK, so it’s not an app. But I had to mention Tres Sugar’s on-point quiz to determine quotes from “Girls” and “Sex and the City.” The former returns to HBO this Sunday for season 2 and the latter is the definitive single-in-NYC series.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates, as we finally get Internet in the apartment this weekend! The joys of 21st Century living.

Images courtesy of: Silicon Angle, iTunes, iTunes, Tres Sugar