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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Happy Hump Day, y’all! (If you haven’t heard by now, turns out the beloved Chris Sullivan AKA Toby from “This Is Us” voiced the GEICO camel in those unforgettable ads.)

In other news, I’ve barely made it this week so far and am just hoping to get through to the weekend’s activities. This year’s flu season is one of the worst ever, and while I’ve managed to avoid it, the head cold struggle is real. Woe is me, I know.

So because my brain is foggy and I’ve prioritized a lot of other things over WOs this time, I hope you’ll enjoy Ed Sheeran’s latest, which is currently near the top of the Billboard charts. Bonus: Sheeran recently got engaged to his childhood friend, making for the most Ed Sheeran of engagements you can imagine.

Cheers, mates!

WO: Weekly Obsessions

The SF Giants blew a big lead last night, ending their postseason aspirations and the (admittedly annoying but fun-to-use) #BeliEVEN streak. A close friend is leaving my company. Another close friend is leaving California. I started my day explaining sexism to a stranger on Facebook, who — of all weeks to do it — made a chauvinistic comment about me on a friend’s status.

What’s the best way to get out of a slump? I find it helps to help others. It provides perspective and reminds me there are MUCH bigger problems in the world than mine. Here are some ideas:

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  1. Help Devastated Haiti: Hurricane Matthew spared most of my friends and family, thank God, but the impoverished Haitian nation was deeply affected. While I’m not the biggest fan of all of these charities, The Weather Channel’s site lists a bunch of ways to help send relief to a country still recovering from a 2010 earthquake.
  2. Walk to End Alzheimer’s: You may recall my plea back in January to #BringDuaneHome, as my friend Dierdre’s family fought for custody of their longtime foster child. While they’ve made leaps in that struggle, Deirdre’s dad is now fighting Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Her family will walk on October 29 and raise money to help find a cure. I can’t imagine the pain of a parent not remembering, and I can’t think of more selfless people than Deirdre’s family. You can click here to help.
  3. Ken Bone Needs a New Suit: If you have any money left to spare, throw a couple coins to Sunday night’s debate hero: Ken Bone. His snazzy red sweater became the talk of Twitter, but it wasn’t his first choice for wardrobe. Turns out his olive suit split in the pants on his way to the debate! Help Ken Bone get a new suit, won’t you?
  4. “Welcome to My House” – Flo Rida: My mom’s house — and countless others — were on my mind a lot the past week with Hurricane Matthew on his way. Naturally, this song came to mind. Bonus points because Flo Rida’s name on its own calls to mind many memories. Who doesn’t hear this and just automatically want to dance?

Images courtesy of: CBC, FB, GoFundMe, Direct Lyrics

WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’ve sat down to write non-WO posts time after time, but I can’t seem to get the words out. There are a multitude of topics I want to cover; and yet, I can’t push through the pain, frustration or sheer madness of it all. Until this wave of emotion subsides, here’s what else is on my mind:

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  1. Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club: I recently volunteered for Junior League SF at the Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club during their 4th Annual Food & Beer Fest. We served the most delicious deviled eggs, focaccia bread, beer and more while dancing to the DJ’s party playlist and raising money for an excellent cause. I’m legit looking forward to next year’s event already.
  2. Nook: A friend suggested we try this restaurant Sunday and it became the perfect first half of an eight-hour brunch. Situated right off the cable car line, we sat outside with delicious food and bottomless mimosas (served until 3pm), and chatted endlessly while watching tourists roll by. This one is definitely going in my brunch spot rotation.
  3. “Amy”: The tragic rise and fall of Amy Winehouse may not have surprised some, given her troubled past. But this incredible documentary gives the public a harrowing look into her private life and demons, plus the people surrounding her during those ups and downs. I saw a screening last weekend and am recommending it to anyone with two ears who’ll listen.
  4. “Sit Still, Look Pretty” – Daya: If there was ever a modern-day anthem for girl power, this is it. Who can argue with lyrics like “…Then Snow White / She did right in her life / Had seven men to do the chores / ‘Cause that’s not what a lady’s for”? It’s on repeat in my personal playlist, pushing me and other women to be OK with flying solo to take over the world 😉

Images courtesy of: Salesian Club, Yelp, Konbini, Genius

WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m feeling especially peppy this evening, perhaps because I was up earlier than normal and did some good for my community. Or because I have a phone date with my mom tonight and can’t wait to hear her voice. Whatever the reason, here are four more things to celebrate: 

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  1. SF-Marin Food Bank: I had the pleasure of volunteering at the SF-Marin Food Bank this morning. The hours passed quickly, thanks in large part to lively crew mates and tunes. But even more exciting than that? The 4,200 pounds of rice we packed will feed more than 16,000 Bay Area residents in need.
  2. Ben’s Bitter Award: My fellow blogger and favorite naysayer, Ben, is up for an awesome award — and he only wants 2nd place! So go vote for him and tell all your friends … because 2nd place for WEBLOG OF THE YEAR is hardly impressive.
  3. A Song A Day: Speaking of my talented friends, you should todes sign up for my friend Shannon’s site, A Song A Day. I’m discovering great artists and songs I’d have otherwise never known … plus Shannon is like, the best. You can also sign up to be a curator and help others find solid tunes. So do it!
  4. “Weathervane” – PigPen Theatre Co.: This was the first (of many) gems found by the curators at A Song A Day. It’s moody and brooding and all the things I love to tune into when I need to zone out.

 Images courtesy of: SF-Marin Food Bank, Bloggies, A Song A Day, SoundCloud

WO: Weekly Obsessions

The best part of a long weekend? Um, it’s a long weekend.

The worst part of a long weekend? It takes the rest of the week to figure out what day it actually is.

I’m 80% certain it’s Wednesday, so here you go, faithful followers:

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  1. Treasure Island: A few days of sand and surf were more than enough to send me straight to relaxation station. You have to check out this idyllic vacation spot the next time you’re in Florida — I know I will!
  2. Allison’s Baptism: My niece, AKA the cutest child alive, was baptized this weekend and I’m honored to be her Godmother. Just look at that smile! She’s obviously perfect. And trouble.
  3. The Fault in Our Stars: This book deserves its own post, because I devoured it in less than 24 hours and felt all the feels. The movie looks interesting, too … even if I don’t like Shailene Whatsherface.
  4. “Not a Bad Thing” – Justin Timberlake: Well, JT does it again. I’ve learned that an earworm stuck in our heads for days is just his MO. The video is also great, because, you know, Jusssstin.

Lovers’ version

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