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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Read any Facebook feed lately, and it’s obvious: Weather is insane. My fingers are still defrosting from my walk THIS MORNING, and that doesn’t even compare to the insanity Atlanta folks are facing. Some distractions, while y’all thaw out:

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  1. Devon & Blakely: With so many visitors and tourist-trap spots near my office, lunch is always a challenge. But this place has inexpensive salads and sandwiches made to order, plus premade soups. And the cornbread? I’ve been dreaming about it for days.
  2. Super Bowl Blvd.: Thousands are expected to check out this 13-block stretch of mayhem (again, right outside my office). The saving grace, though, is the 60-ft. toboggan slide … teambuilding has never looked so fun before!
  3. Fluff ‘n Fold: Let’s be real: I’ve never enjoyed doing laundry. But now that I have to leave my building to do it, well, I just don’t. Instead, I use a super-handy service that cost $25 to do literally a month (20 lbs.!) of clothes. With free pick-up and delivery, how can I resist?
  4. Christopher Walken Reads The Three Little Pigs: It may be hard for some to imagine, but Christopher Walken was a comedic genius long before “More Cowbell.” Proof is in the piggies, with this uncovered gem from the ’70s. Arrivederci!

Hope you guys have a fabulous time celebrating Puppy Bowl X and Super Bowl XLVIII! Here’s a sneak peek of Budweiser’s commercial if you’re more into those than what’s happening on the field.

And, be sure to follow @Macys on Facebook and Twitter — I may or may not be writing social media for the big game 🙂

Images courtesy of: The Village Voice, NY Daily News, Pure Cleaners, Indiewire

WO: Weekly Obsessions

From bills to deadlines to home repairs, I’ve been so productive lately that it’s kind of scaring me into speechlessness.

… Just kidding, you think I’d leave you all hanging? I know you’re only sticking around for the WOs. And who am I to keep those from you?:

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  1. Super Bowl Blvd.: We’re gearing up for Super Bowl in NY/NJ this year, and next week’s festivities throughout Times Square are really exciting. From a 60-foot toboggan slide to a ton of cool events at Macy’s, it’s bound to be a blast.
  2. A Snowstorm: More than a foot of snow covered the northeast, which was pretty for about an hour before it just got gross. At least the only real suffering was with overcrowded trains and terrible traffic. Phew!
  3. “Forrest Gump”: Being snowed in does have its benefits, like VH1 movie marathons. If you don’t love this movie, then you are decidedly un-American. That’s all I have to say about that.
  4. Workaholics on “Conan”: I’m always obsessed with these guys, but they took it to an all-new level with ridiculous antics on Conan’s late-night show. For the millionth time, Adam Devine, will you marry me?


Images courtesy of: Times Square NYC, Phys.org, Wikipedia, Cambio