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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m in San Fran for work this week, and man, what I went through to get here. There’s a separate time and post for that, but in the meantime, here are some loverly ramblings for your enjoyment.

Mexico Au Parc: This little Mexican place near our office offers “agua fresca” every day; my favorite so far is the strawbs (with an enormous chicken quesadilla). For less than $10, you can fill up on traditional Mexican favorites — just make sure you beat the lunch rush, and get there before 12:05!

AT&T Park: Even though they lost, I took in a Giants game Monday night and loved every minute of it. There’s a huge slide for fans to play on, and the stadium overlooks the bay. How perfect is that?

This Weather: My hair now knows the feeling of zero-humidity weather and it’s fantastical. My skin freaked out a little bit from the lack of moisture in the air, but we’re on speaking terms now and all is well. Bonus: I can walk from the car to the office without dying of heat stroke!

Russian Hill: My favorite borough so far, there are tons of little unique shops and eateries along this stretch of land. Among some other noteworthy stops, the flank-steak sandwich from Rex Cafe and the ice cream from Swensen’s are heavenly. I had the Thin Mint ice cream with chocolate sprinkles … delicious.

So, there you have it. Although it’s a bit foreign to wear jeans and long sleeves in August, San Francisco has stolen my heart and I don’t foresee any plans to return it anytime soon.