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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Our furniture will arrive any minute now, and I’m looking forward to a night’s sleep on a pillow-top mattress for the first time in almost a month. Praise it! Oh, and because it’s Wednesday — praise these:

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  1. Taylor Swift Ex-Boyfriends Prayer Candle: Serial dater that she is, Miss Swift has acquired quite the batch of leading men. Say a little prayer for her, won’t you?
  2. The Beauty Department: I loved Lauren “LC” Conrad from OG “Laguna Beach” fame, so imagine my excitement when she announced her co-founded blog. I’ve read it for a while but just officially became a follower of this “daily dose of pretty.” Gorgeous!
  3. The Obama Girls: Much as I love Michelle’s bangs, I adore Sasha and Malia more. To sum up the inauguration: The photobombing, the dance moves, the dresses … it’s one of the rare times I wish I was younger. (We’d obviously be friends.)
  4. “Barbie Girl” – Aqua: There’s no greater song to define this week’s nostalgic, preteen feel than this little gem. I barely understand the lyrics now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t sing it as loud as I can.

Come on, Barbie. Let’s go party.
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Wittyburg Elections 2012

Did you guys know it’s an election year? I hadn’t heard until recently — and even then, I thought it was an election for the next Olympic Master of Ceremonies. (McCartney 2016, anyone?) Sarcasm-laden sentences aside, I am suuuper ready for the presidential election to be dunzo.

And since the results will only mean more complaining and political posts, I’ve got my own nominations for Wittyburg Elections 2012. Get your ballots in now!

Voting Key: (I) = Incumbent, (C) = Challenger

Best Campaign Gaffe

  • (I) Biden’s Awkward Biker Pic – Nothing says “Vote!” like an old white guy hanging with Hell’s Angels.
  • (C) Romney’s “Binders Full of Women” Comment – Inspiring thousands of Halloween costumes.

Worst Song of 2012

Best Arnett Kid

  • (I) Abel – As my brother will tell you, first-born is always the favorite.
  • (C) Archie – His ginger death stare is terrifying.

Worst Natural Disaster

  • (I) Lindsay Lohan – There’s no saving this Hollywood train wreck.
  • (C) Hurricane Sandy* – 8 million without power and landmarks destroyed.

Best Cast of “The Real Housewives”

  • (I) New Jersey – Flipping tables was just the beginning.
  • (C) Atlanta – Former Miss USA joins the cast … let the drama unfold.

Make sure you vote in the presidential election too, of course, and check out the Honey Boo Boo costume contest I’m seriously part of. Real life.

*Regarding the horrific Hurricane Sandy, take two minutes and donate to The Red Cross to support relief efforts.

Bands I Love: The Civil Wars

I used to pride myself on knowing the artist behind every song to cross my eardrums, but I totally slacked when I first heard “Poison & Wine” on a TV promo. I found its source (much later) to be The Civil Wars: a duo of singer-songwriters, Joy Williams and John Paul White.

The pair met in Nashville at a songwriters’ camp and ended up in the same room as random partners — what can only be described as country-music kismet. Their songs are genuine and complicated, with little acoustic backup, while the music and lyrics stand on their own.

It’s completely refreshing in a world of digitized music, and mega-celebs like Taylor Swift took notice quickly. Swift announced her appreciation for their sound — inspiring millions to tune in — and she collaborated with the duo for “The Hunger Games” soundtrack to create “Safe & Sound.”

Nominated for various awards last year, The Civil Wars finally struck gold at the 54th GRAMMY Awards, with Best Folk Album and Best Country Duo/Group Performance (neither televised). They also introduced Taylor before she performed there.

Other songs to check out from The Civil Wars:

The Civil Wars are wrapping up the American leg of their current tour, with the remainder of the year being spent in Europe.

Smooth and sultry, like a good whiskey.