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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Just when you think reality can’t get any scarier, something like the Manchester bombing happens — at a freaking Ariana Grande concert. And we all stop… and maybe we post about how terrible it is; maybe we donate money to help the victims (conversion chart here); maybe we put others before our own needs for a few minutes… and a day or a week or even a month may pass. And then something insane happens — again — to innocent people. Whether that’s as senseless as a terrorist attack or as critical as ensuring healthcare coverage, how are we ever able to feel like the future isn’t futile? If you have an answer, please do let me know. Here’s what’s helping me cope in the meantime:

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  1. Mister Rogers: I read this series of tweets last night and promptly cried my eyes out. Happy tears, but tears nonetheless. Entertainment Weekly writer Anthony Breznican recaps the time he happened to meet Mister Rogers in an elevator, then proceeded to have a neighborly conversation about loss. It’ll pull at all of your heartstrings, and hopefully remind you how light can be found in the depths of darkness.
  2. Service Dog’s Yearbook Photo: I couldn’t possibly talk about coping without including some four-legged friends. Alpha is AJ Schalk’s service dog, and 10/10 would recommend him for being a good pup. AJ asked his high school’s yearbook staff if Alpha could be included, since he’s clearly a vital member of the student body, and they happily obliged. Is that not the happiest lil’ fella you’ve ever seen?
  3. 25 Hilarious and Wholesome Tweets: Are you sensing a theme here? Whatever your stance on BuzzFeed as an information source, I will forever appreciate the site for its ability to make me smile. These tweets are each sweet and simple, and should bring a smile to your face as well. If not a smile, then perhaps some Chloe side-eye?
  4. “Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles: I can’t think of another song that almost immediately brings me to tears each time I hear it. Again, they’re happy tears, and sometimes it’s just a glimmer of a tear, but something about the melody and uplifting lyrics puts me in a bubble-wrapped glass case of emotion. It reminds me of my dad; it reminds me of hope; it reminds me there are better days ahead.

Images courtesy of: BuzzFeed, and again, once more, Tumblr

WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s another busy week in the Wittyburg world, and the end to this chaos is nowhere in sight. Dinner and drinks with a dear friend tonight certainly helped. Since we couldn’t squeeze you all into our booth, here’s what you too can obsess over this week!

My Diffuser: I’ve just realized that I talk about hair a lot, but I’m just a girl in the world. When I have less than 10 minutes to fix my hairs after my post-gym sesh showers, this little guy is my savior. I use Redken Fresh Curls products to keep my locks frizz-free (by Florida standards), and I air-dry what doesn’t get done in the 600 seconds I allot.

This Flowchart: I am far from proficient with graphs and numbers and all of those things. But, I saw this “Hey Jude” chart on erin ever after a while back, and I had to have it. Fact: A printout sits in my cubicle for a daily smile. This often leads to another smile as I watch this vid. Artist Danny Garcia is genius, I tell you!

Hibiscuses … uhh, Hibisci?: We had a Hawaiian luau at work today (jealous?), and these flowers made for foolproof accessories. Super-cute and easy, hibiscus buds are complementary to summer style, and faux flowers are inexpensive from the party store. Plus, who doesn’t like a cheap lei? (Insert That’s What She Said Joke here.)

Keyboard Cat: Although I’m about as likely to ever own a cat as I am to drive a PT Cruiser (hint: highly unlikely), I do enjoy this little kitty’s keyboard skillz that killz. At least three days a week, I have this tune stuck in my head. And, with more than 17 million views, you can’t deny its pure entertainment value.

Hope you’re all having a happy hump day!