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WO: Weekly Obsessions

You’ve been waiting in anticipation — better late than never, right? I couldn’t possibly break my 69-week streak of WOs by letting a little technology mishap take over, now could I? (If you’re new to rhetorical questions, please keep answers to yourselves.)

  1. Breast Cancer Awareness: No explanation required, but I’m gonna give you one anyway. Breast cancer affects millions of women each year — take a moment to support a worthy cause in some way this October.
  2. Ryan Gosling as a Young Canuck: Sure, Gosling is your dream husband now, but what was he like back then? BuzzFeed gives us an intimate look at his younger days. Spoiler alert: He’s still dreamy.
  3. A Power Dress: Every girl needs one, and I’ve just found mine. This red shift from JCPenney (who knew?) has leather accents and pockets — sold. I wore it yesterday and found a new fan favorite.
  4. “If I Didn’t Know Better” – “Nashville” Version: I was skeptical of this new show on ABC, but the premiere ended with this cover of a smoking song from Band I Love: The Civil Wars. It’s been stuck ever since, and I’m not even mad about it.

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Bands I Love: The Civil Wars

I used to pride myself on knowing the artist behind every song to cross my eardrums, but I totally slacked when I first heard “Poison & Wine” on a TV promo. I found its source (much later) to be The Civil Wars: a duo of singer-songwriters, Joy Williams and John Paul White.

The pair met in Nashville at a songwriters’ camp and ended up in the same room as random partners — what can only be described as country-music kismet. Their songs are genuine and complicated, with little acoustic backup, while the music and lyrics stand on their own.

It’s completely refreshing in a world of digitized music, and mega-celebs like Taylor Swift took notice quickly. Swift announced her appreciation for their sound — inspiring millions to tune in — and she collaborated with the duo for “The Hunger Games” soundtrack to create “Safe & Sound.”

Nominated for various awards last year, The Civil Wars finally struck gold at the 54th GRAMMY Awards, with Best Folk Album and Best Country Duo/Group Performance (neither televised). They also introduced Taylor before she performed there.

Other songs to check out from The Civil Wars:

The Civil Wars are wrapping up the American leg of their current tour, with the remainder of the year being spent in Europe.

Smooth and sultry, like a good whiskey.