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WO: Weekly Obsessions


3 days in a row of posting, who’d a thunk? I won’t tease you and make you think I’ll be continuing this streak tomorrow, but I certainly couldn’t leave you hanging from loving up on these four finds:

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  1. You’re Not Going to Believe What I’m about to Tell You: Matthew Inman, AKA The Oatmeal, does it again. His latest comic is about the backfire effect, or why we often ignore evidence that contradicts our core beliefs. It’s especially fascinating given the political landscape we’re in, where most are shouting into a vacuum and refusing to listen. Please, enjoy.
  2. Salt & Straw: Portland’s very own addictively awesome ice cream shop made its debut in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Never one to jump on a bandwagon, I reluctantly agreed to wait for about 40 minutes in line this past sultry Saturday. Wanna know how good it was? A friend and I returned Monday night — pro tip, grab a pint to share and skip the line! — to indulge in the signature Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons. Deeelish, particularly when SF is seeing temperatures in the 80s!
  3. “How to Get Away with Murder”: Here’s how reluctant I am to join aforementioned bandwagons: I know probably 20 women who absolutely love HTGAWM and rave about it every week. I finally caved and started Netflixing a few weeks ago. And now I’m almost through season 2. So yeah, you could say Annalise Keating and the K5 students have me hooked. I still can’t unsee Bonnie Winterbottom (hehe) as Paris Geller, but that’s a personal problem.
  4. “Gonna Hurry (as Slow as I Can)”: Thanks to my recent Patreon support of A Song A Day, I recently received a monthly playlist containing this little gem. I hadn’t heard of Chicago-based band Whitney before, but I had heard of the original artist (Dolly Parton). Something about the upbeat and high-pitched crooning of heartbreaking lyrics really speaks to me. I hope you’ll feel the same.

Images courtesy of: The Oatmeal, Salt & Straw, Logopedia, Whitney Chicago

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Though I’m still recovering from a very long (albeit incredibly fun) weekend of celebrations, I love you guys enough to suck it up and write about things I love. You’re so welcome.
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  1. Crisp: I only half-apologize for featuring so many food places during these WOs, but I have very little willpower. This chain features huge portions of flavorful falafel, and I have to actively restrict my visits to just once a week.
  2. Donating Books to Children: My company has partnered with Reading Is Fundamental for the 10th year! Donate and enter for a chance to win awesome prizes … plus, take the quiz or check out the cute (and kiiinda creepy video)!
  3. Teambuilding: Also great about my company? We don’t do your typical icebreakers and trust falls to encourage interaction — no, instead we get to catch a YANKEES game tomorrow and I can’t freaking wait. Boo-yah!
  4. “True Affection” – The Blow: Admittedly, this little ditty first caught my attention because I thought it sampled from “Laffy Taffy.” That’s so not the case, but I think you’ll love it anyway.

Can’t you just hear D4L shouting, “CANDY GIRL!”? No?

Images courtesy of: New York Street Food, Things Bears Love, Reading Is Fundamental, tumblr

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means love is in the air. Well, love and STDs. Naturally, this week’s obsessions are all inspired by VD Day and treats for your sweet:

  1. [Mail] Cards from The Oatmeal: When you care enough to send the very best, go somewhere else. If your partner has any semblance of a sense of humor, though, these are the way to go.
  2. [Eat] Lush Confections: This Tampa-based business combines two loves — dessert and alcohol — in one delicious truffle. I recently sampled the Irish Car Bombs, but the Sexual Chocolate would be perfect for next week.  Shop on FB / on etsy.
  3. [Listen] Sweet Beats: Nothing quite says “romance” like jamz from Marvin Gaye, Color Me Badd, Boyz II Men and The Backstreet Boys.*
  4. [Share] Snarky Sentiments:  If you’re not feeling the love, you can also send anti-valentine prints to express your disdain for it all. Thank you, social media!

Wishing you all a fantastic week leading up to Cupid’s Birthday (that is what we celebrate, right?).

If you’re lucky, you’ll soon get to read about my Valentine’s crafting disaster. That is, once the blood and tears dry.

Images courtesy of: The Oatmeal, Facebook, Sweets Lyrics, Meish

*Swap out any of these for Adam Levine if your mate is tone-deaf. 

Correct Grammar Isn’t “Everyday” Knowledge

I’m a self-proclaimed word nerd, so good correct grammar has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. While I am not perfect and make my own mistakes from time to time, there are a few faux pas that drive me absolutely insane.

You tell ‘em!

10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling: The Oatmeal does a fine job identifying many of the common misspellings that plague my peers. Keep this as a handy reference tool if you know that affect/effect will always trip you up … there’s no shame in your game.

I dig the message, not the usage.

Every Day versus Everyday: I see this used incorrectly almost every day. See what I did there? What maddens me most is seeing it misused by billion-dollar corporations. “Everyday” is used as an adjective to describe something ordinary or common, while “every day” is an adverb used the same way you would use “daily” … Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Thank you, Google Images. Nothing I could have dreamt can top this.

Random Capitalization: Almost as annoying as CAPS LOCK YELLING AT YOU is the random capitalization I see so often. There’s not a reason I can think of as to why you’d want every word in a hed capitalized, and words like “it” and “is” are actually capitalized in headlines — yes, even though they’re short.

Use this visual to remember what you really mean.

Made-Up Phrases: Similar to the song lyrics we invent when we don’t know the words, I constantly find nonsensical phrases all over the interwebs. Some examples: “All of the sudden,” “I could care less” and “With all intensive purposes.”

There are plenty of other aggravating offenses committed each day, but these ones stick out as the most heinous to me. Like everyone should, I keep an eye out for the rules that I used to consistently miss — quotations with punctuation, for example.

What are your grammatical pet peeves? Please reassure me that it’s completely normal to shake an angry fist each time I see something like this:

And, just for fun … learn about the mysterious “alot” here, courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half.