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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Happy Hump Day, y’all! (If you haven’t heard by now, turns out the beloved Chris Sullivan AKA Toby from “This Is Us” voiced the GEICO camel in those unforgettable ads.)

In other news, I’ve barely made it this week so far and am just hoping to get through to the weekend’s activities. This year’s flu season is one of the worst ever, and while I’ve managed to avoid it, the head cold struggle is real. Woe is me, I know.

So because my brain is foggy and I’ve prioritized a lot of other things over WOs this time, I hope you’ll enjoy Ed Sheeran’s latest, which is currently near the top of the Billboard charts. Bonus: Sheeran recently got engaged to his childhood friend, making for the most Ed Sheeran of engagements you can imagine.

Cheers, mates!

WO: Weekly Obsessions

The mid-week back-to-work struggle is real, people. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more envious of those with Spring Breaks than I am today. And without my dear friend caffeine by my side, it’s safe to say I’ll be asleep by 8 tonight.

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  1. “Grease” Sing-along: The Castro Theatre has done it again — this time, with everyone’s favorite bad-boy-meets-good-girl story. My cousin and I went with a friend Friday night, and I still have some of the songs stuck in my head. From the impossible glow sticks to the kissy noises, I’m convinced there’s no better way to watch a musical than with props and a sing-along show.
  2. Hot Cookie: This might be the most iconic dessert spot in all of SF. Nestled in the heart of the Castro district, Hot Cookie has some verrry NSFW nibbles that are as scrumptious as they are scandalous. I personally love the Butch Bar and the Sticky Nikki. Yeah, you heard me.
  3. Anchor Brewing: My dad would have been 67 on Monday, so to celebrate, we toured Anchor Brewing and raised a glass in his honor. Ryan led us on an interactive and engaging walk, then poured us many samples to enjoy. It’s something I know Slick Rick would have loved. Cheers, big guy.
  4. Season Finales: I’ll never understand the need to post spoilers on social media — particularly as I’m on that West Coast delay for most programming — so I won’t get specific. But this week’s finales for both “The Bachelor” and “This Is Us” were disappointing. One didn’t give me the ending I so craved, while the other was too long and drawn-out. I’ll let you guess which is which 😉  Here’s hoping the next seasons of both don’t leave us hanging too long.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Do you remember, as kids, how your siblings or friends would annoy you and you’d plug your ears and shout repeatedly, “I’m not listening!” That’s kind of the approach I’m taking over the next week or so. Also, BuzzFeed’s Election Survival Guide. Also, wine.

I swear, it has only a smidge to do with my desire for both teams to lose in Game 7 of the World Series tonight. #BitterPartyOfOne

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  1. “This Is Us”: You hear me say it often, because it’s true: I didn’t need another show to fall in love with, but goshdangit, I couldn’t resist when so many people in my networks were raving about it. You can still catch up on demand, and despite the apparent love/hate for Mandy Moore as an actress, I think you’ll enjoy. It’s funny, sad, thought-provoking and so much more.
  2. Decision 2016: If you haven’t already voted — like me, because there are 42 propositions between SF and California — then you know full well it’s crunch time! I rarely get political in public, but I think this someecard sums it up perfectly. No debate needed, since everyone (even Ken Bone, I imagine) is sticking to their choice. Just make sure you do it!
  3. #NoDAPL: If you haven’t been following the Dakota Access Pipeline conversation, then you may have just started noticing it with this week’s viral check-ins. Aside from raising awareness, you can stand with Standing Rock using one of these ideas. From PayPal to donation drives, there are plenty of options for you to help out.
  4. “Diggy” – Spencer Ludwig: Got the song from the Target Vibes campaigns stuck in your head endlessly? You’re not alone. Although I have no idea why a woman is on a treadmill in platform heels, I’m otherwise enthralled with this earworm’s incentive to get up and dance. If ever there was a song to emulate “vibes,” this is it. Check out the extended commercial below, or click the image credits for Ludwig’s full song.

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