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WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s rained for the past week in SF — and despite how much I’m getting use out of my adorable rain boots —  I’m reeeally ready for it to stop. Still, I’ll take it over the polar vortex’s crushing temperatures any day. Also brightening my mood? These little lovelies:

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  1. THIS Watch: I finally decided to retire my rose gold watch that’s been (fashionably) tarnished for a few years. My first day wearing Betsey Johnson’s beautiful creation has made me smile nonstop.
  2. “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”: The first-ever scripted series from Bravo is endlessly entertaining. From its controversial advertising to a killer soundtrack and biting dialogue, I see many seasons in this show’s future.
  3. DOSA SF: One of my first forays into Indian food was pure magic, thanks to the incredible flavors and huge portions at DOSA SF. The menu is huge, so I already know I’ll be back soon to try even more delicacies.
  4. “This Is My Wish” – Kevin Ross: This Motown crooner’s voice litchrlly gave me chills. Fast-forward past the Glad campaign nonsense … then sit back, relax and listen to a lovely holiday tune.

Images courtesy of: Macy’s, The Wrap, DOSA SF, iTunes