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Remembering September 11

10 years ago, our lives were changed forever. Whether you knew someone working in The Twin Towers or Pentagon, or you had no idea what Al-Qaeda was, the fact remains that this date holds a different weight to it than it did more than a decade ago.

Everyone who was alive at the time remembers exactly where they were when they heard the news. For my generation, it’s comparable to our parents remembering where they were during the JFK assassination. We bonded together during our nation’s most historic moment, and we found solace in one another when our biggest questions couldn’t be answered.

Those born after that date in infamy have learned about it in school. Some children are told of their heroic mothers and fathers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the midst of national tragedy. Others proudly watch their parents leave for battle and pray that they will be reunited again someday.

Plenty of milestones have come and gone in the 10 years since The Towers fell, and many more are sure to come as time passes. The wounds are no longer fresh, but they are still healing. Scars tell the stories today of where we were yesterday, and September 11 will always remain a painful piece in our country’s history.

Sending many prayers and thanks to the thousands of men and women who’ve served our country and given their lives in this now decade-long saga. Most importantly, we must all remember that life — no matter how tragic or unexpected — will continue to go on.