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WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s not been a particularly awesome couple of days for me, so I struggled to think of anything to obsess over this week. True to form, I found some inspiration in the liquor cabinet. Whoops.

  1. The Shot: A shot glass full of whiskey is all I need to make a night, well, right. I’m pretty sure my future husband’s name is Jack Daniels.
  2. The Beer: Brother will kill me for it, since it’s not a complicated combo of hops, but Sea Dog’s Blue Paw is my go-to brew. Bonus points if your local tavern adds fresh berries to your pint.
  3. The Wine: Vino and I have a love-hate relationship, but we’re currently in love, so just go with it. Give me a glass of Riesling, and I’m sure to be calmed and quieted in minutes.
  4. The Mixed Drink: Which one reigns supreme — The Dirty Shirley? The Margarita? The Bay Breeze? I’m a simple girl, and my all-time fave is a classic Vodka-Sprite with two limes. Yum.

Anyone else think the numbers kind of look like olives? Maybe I should have gone with a Dirty Martini …

So, what’s your drink of choice? New recipes are welcome, too — cheers!

Images courtesy of: Polyvore, Binnys, Liquors Galore Blog, Pacific Online Spirits