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WO: Weekly Obsessions

What happens when you’re in the middle of the woods with little to no cell service?

You likely forget your weekly blog post, among other things.

It’s a chilly 62• according to the weather report but my astute observation would register it more at somewhere around 30•.

Between hiking, biking, and busing our way through Yosemite, it’s been a week of nonstop adventure. All I know is, I can’t wait to have seven full uninterrupted nights of sleep in my own bed soon. Ahh, such luxury!

Witty Rewind: April 2019

I thought it’d be fun to capture each month’s activities and milestones in a series called Witty Rewind. It may not be for posterity’s sake, but I hope you’ll enjoy looking back at the previous month with me.

This first paragraph has been dedicated to my health and wellness journey, but tbh guys, I’ve put all that on the backburner. Yes, I bought essential oils. Yes, I practiced some yoga. Yes, I ate a lot of kale. But to say I’m the picture of health (as much as I want to) would be an utter fallacy. [Times I thought about working out: ~50]

I did bump back up my reading list with a handful of books I flew right through. There were some peaks and valleys, some tears and laughs. Overall, I’m just glad my library card is getting so much use (and that my employer reimburses books I read for my job). They’re the real MVPs. [Books read: 6]

Here’s what else I spent time doing in April:

    1. Fighting a mystery illness
    2. Seeing a Star Wars–themed burlesque show
    3. Explaining to people what/why/who/where re: a Star Wars–themed burlesque show
    4. Wine-ing with friends after a Vegas trip as a no-go
    5. Being “those people” at said wineries and giving zero Fs
    6. Spending time getting set up for the next year of Junior League
    7. Seeing former colleagues at a ladies’ happy-hour-turned-mega-celebration
    8. Worshipping a dear friend who knows how to purge crap without judgment
    9. Brunching with former colleagues at a spot I hadn’t been before
    10. Dyeing Easter eggs and enjoying homemade lemon cupcakes with a dear friend
    11. Avoiding my old apartment during countless showings, despite needing to pack
    12. MOVING to a new apartment with a former roommate! ! !
    13. Getting my deep clean on at the dentist twice #NoCavities
    14. Toasting a former colleague as she closes one chapter for a new one at FitBit (gasp!)
    15. Reaching peak adulthood as I nearly cried when receiving a new mattress

      Image Courtesy of Adobe

The only photo I have from April that slightly resembles me.

Witty Rewind: March 2019

I thought it’d be fun to capture each month’s activities and milestones in a series called Witty Rewind. It may not be for posterity’s sake, but I hope you’ll enjoy looking back at the previous month with me.

I told myself I’d try a “clean eating on weekdays” approach in March but I most certainly did not. Instead, I started on the 1st with a Mexican fiesta lunch, spent mid-March in San Diego (Mexican food capital of California) and ended the 31st with a wine-and-tacos apartment purge party. Noticing a theme? Ay dios mio. [🌮 eaten: ~20]

Despite having plenty of time to devote to reading on the shuttle and quick flights, I found myself not able to power through any reads the way I normally would. (For context, I can usually get through a book in 2-4 sittings, and a few days’ time.) That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my March picks, but I do think I was considerably less motivated with my brain on overdrive in work summits and commitments. [📚 read: 3.5]

Some highlights from the madness that was this past month:

    1. Bowling with dear friends who moved to New York last year
    2. Celebrating a housemate’s birthday with incredible Cajun cuisine
    3. Meeting lots of inspiring and empowering women through Junior League of SF
    4. Attending a newcomer summit for work + getting uplifting insight
    5. Looking for a new apartment with a current housemate
    6. Catching up with a longtime friend during her stay in SF before she moves back to NYC
    7. Checking out a crystal fair (really!) and somehow buying only jewelry
    8. Hosting my fave former writer for lunch at my new(ish) job
    9. Happy hour-ing with other former writers and getting the tea
    10. Helping another former writer with her portfolio
    11. Spending a week in San Diego with my family
    12. Experiencing DisneyLand for the first time and seeing my nieces go wild
    13. Attending a global summit for work + meeting tons of colleagues face-to-face
    14. Exploring the Exploratorium 😉 and its After Dark series for the first time
    15. Celebrating a handful of close friends’ birthdays with drinks, dinners, brunches galore

Witty-Rewind-MarchSix people looking at the camera = a Christmas miracle









WO: Weekly Obsessions

Coming off a week of work + play in San Diego, I am nothing if not tired. So it’s perfect timing for a week-long work summit, don’t you think? I’m grateful I’m not jet-lagged like my colleagues from Europe and Asia, but I am in need of more coffee than usual for this marathon event.

While researching for a presentation I’m giving tomorrow, I was reminded of this classic Yuletide favorite. I loved Parks & Rec, naturally, and Nick Offerman (AKA Ron Swanson) is the perfect person to watch by the fire, sipping his whisky.

Please enjoy and look forward to some full-fledged obsessions — plus other posts — coming soon!

You may need to verify your age before watching.

WO: Weekly Obsessions

You know the saying, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans”? I feel like that’s the definition of how this past week has been for me, folks.

You may already be well aware how Type A I am about planning, organization and attention to detail. Pshhh, that all goes out the window when the 24 hours in a day seem to vanish in the blink of an eye.

Between multiple birthday celebrations, a work trip (with a surprise snowfall!), candidate interviews, review cycles and a whole lotta other #firstworldproblems, I’m still dumbfounded that it’s already (and yet, only) Wednesday.

So here’s my penance offering — please enjoy and don’t @ me, bro!


WO: Weekly Obsessions

MILD GOT SPOILER AHEAD. If you didn’t watch this week’s S7 premiere, scroll on down. Allow me to complain, for just a moment, about Ed Sheeran’s appearance in Sunday’s episode. I know I juuust said I liked the guy, but that doesn’t mean I want him showing up in Westeros. What were they thinking? Grrrr…

Image Credits Listed Beloq

  1. Sacramento: In more important news, I traveled to California’s capital city Sunday to prepare for orientation at my new company’s HQ. It was 105 degrees when I arrived, so my first impression was not the best. It turned out to be an interesting city, though, with decent food options and some incredibly nice people. I look forward to return visits in the near future, too!
  2. Volcano Candle: I don’t recall ever receiving a candle for my birthday before, but this year I was gifted with THREE. All of them smell amazing, but I chose to burn this scent first and it didn’t disappoint. You know how that feeling when you walk into a room and are instantly calmed, just from the smell? Yeah, that’s what this little guy does. It’s sheer perfection.
  3. Purging: Before moving into my new apartment, I had the help of some friends who were supportive of me purging the heck out of my space. While those efforts were super successful — I donated 10+ bags of goodies — I still find I need to cleanse my stock of stuff. I started diving in this past weekend and have the ultimate goal of finishing on Saturday. Who says being a grown-up isn’t fun? This is thrilling stuff, you guys!
  4. “Ruby Tuesday” – The Rolling Stones: Naturally, I always think of this song when saying goodbyes. It’s a gimme for that, but it’s also one of those songs that always transports me back in time and puts a smile on my face. I simply can’t hear it without getting a little misty-eyed and reminiscent of fond memories. Take that, Ed Sheeran.

Images courtesy of: Sactown Magazine, Zanadia, Life’s Next Chapter Coaching, Discogs

30 Before 30

In honor of my upcoming 30th birthday, I’ve researched countless “things to do before 30” lists. And while there are plenty to choose from, I kept coming back to “Thirty Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30.”

The List was originally published in Glamour by columnist Pamela Redmond Satran in 1997. Over the next 30 weeks, I’ll be tackling each item on The List and reflecting about it here… publicly (gulp). I hope you enjoy and we can grow together. After all, turning older is a privilege denied to many.

By 30, you should know…
28. Who you can trust, who you can’t, and why you shouldn’t take it personally.

Remember when The List covered such fluffy topics as umbrellas and makeup? Trust is far and away one of the most difficult topics for me to discuss on this blog — isn’t it ironic, Alanis?

I’ve been through all sorts of ups and downs in personal and professional relationships. I’ve trusted too much and been burned. I’ve been given too much trust and done the burning in a moment of anger. I’ve trusted too little and burned myself. Trusting and burning, trusting and burning, rinse and repeat.

Courtesy of JeremyChin.com

What does legendary gossip columnist Liz Smith say about trust? Well, she’s got more than 50 years of experience in the business, pissed off many — from Sinatra to Trump — and she’s lived to tell the tale.

Smith’s tips are as follows, with (you guessed it!) my own take below each:

You can usually trust a gal who says it like it is.
This may come in many forms, but I’ve personally tried to live by Maya Angelou’s words: “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” This opens up a debate of show versus tell, but I think the point is the same: Most people aren’t living double lives. How they treat a customer service agent, hired help, someone in need… it’s pretty telling of who they are as a human being.

When it comes to romance, heed these words: Trust and verify.
In today’s dating world, we have the ability to research a potential match before we even meet them. There’s the episode of “How I Met Your Mother” which explores the battle of mystery vs. history, i.e.,  wanting to know you’re not meeting up (or already dating) a psychopath, but wanting to keep some mystery alive. My take? It doesn’t hurt to know some basics, like their name, their age (range, at least), what industry they work in… and of course, their app bio says a lot about how much they value words and/or the English language. But some things can also be discovered on a real, live date — and make for a hell of a story after.

Never trust your instincts when you’re angry.
Remember how I said people show you who they are? This might be the one exception. Who hasn’t been frustrated with Comcast after 90 minutes on the phone with them? If you can recognize it in the moment, at least, you can mitigate any major faux pas and save yourself the embarrassment of feeling like a total A-hole. Same goes for traffic temper tantrums, though I think we’re all thankful I haven’t driven regularly in nearly five years.

Assume you can’t trust anyone who’s just handed you a contract.
I don’t have a mountain of personal experience with contractual obligations, aside from rental leases and a million Terms & Conditions I’ve toootally read through. But Smith’s point is 100% valid: Get legal advice before you sign anything! I’ve asked for second opinions on work contracts, and I’ve learned the hard way to get freelance agreements well-documented in writing. Feeling the burn? All right.

Life’s just too short to take every little betrayal personally.
This one may be the hardest of all, because it’s natural to feel like certain behaviors or responses are directed toward you. And with social media, Lord knows some of those are directed at you. Instead of getting into a Twitter feud or FB debate, I’ve learned to not engage. If it really irks me, I might privately message or call the person to try and talk it out. Yes, the trolls are real. But holding onto hatred for them only hurts you.

There are no real secrets, so you might as well tell the truth about things.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Public Relations 101. Only you can manage your story. If you’re not up front about certain things — whether it’s being a single mom on the dating scene or messing up at work — the truth will come out. Maybe not right away, and maybe not even with the person you’ve offended. But it will, so why not manage the message and take ownership from the start?

Truthfully, this entire post made me sweat 😅 But being open and vulnerable with you all is kind of the whole point of this series, right?