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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Today is the best day.

It doesn’t matter that my foot was smashed on the train. Or that a guy I was connecting with on Tinder turned out to be a creep (shocking!). Or that I had five hours of meetings.

Today is the best day, because I’m going to my first Yankees game of the season! They’ve played two without me, and I’m experiencing my first case of FOMO. Well, fear no more. Today is the best day.

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  1. The Hudson Bond: Before the game, I’m hitting a quick work happy hour at this midtown spot. The weather is finally breaking, and we’ll be able to enjoy its patio even more in the coming months.
  2. Yankees Home Games: The smell, the sounds, the sights — I’m clearly more than excited for my first visit back to the Bronx since September.
  3. Brother Jimmy’s BBQ: Once inside, I have to hit up this chain’s amazing concession stand. I’ve been dreaming of the fried pickles for months, I tell you!
  4. “The Boys Are Back in Town” – Thin Lizzy: Well, duh. It’s no coincidence that this monster ballad has played on loop in my head all day. Let’s get ‘em, Yanks!


 Images courtesy of: The Hudson Bond, Valley News, CBS New York, Amazon

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Though I’m still recovering from a very long (albeit incredibly fun) weekend of celebrations, I love you guys enough to suck it up and write about things I love. You’re so welcome.
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  1. Crisp: I only half-apologize for featuring so many food places during these WOs, but I have very little willpower. This chain features huge portions of flavorful falafel, and I have to actively restrict my visits to just once a week.
  2. Donating Books to Children: My company has partnered with Reading Is Fundamental for the 10th year! Donate and enter for a chance to win awesome prizes … plus, take the quiz or check out the cute (and kiiinda creepy video)!
  3. Teambuilding: Also great about my company? We don’t do your typical icebreakers and trust falls to encourage interaction — no, instead we get to catch a YANKEES game tomorrow and I can’t freaking wait. Boo-yah!
  4. “True Affection” – The Blow: Admittedly, this little ditty first caught my attention because I thought it sampled from “Laffy Taffy.” That’s so not the case, but I think you’ll love it anyway.

Can’t you just hear D4L shouting, “CANDY GIRL!”? No?

Images courtesy of: New York Street Food, Things Bears Love, Reading Is Fundamental, tumblr

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Despite being a spoiled brat yesterday, I managed to find four things I like this week. Typical woman … can’t make up her mind. Guys, am I right?

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  1. Nails for Charity: My company supports Bag Hunger year-round, with a huge push in March via raffles, artwork and more. So late last week, I enjoyed a lovely mani from a co-worker and have walked on the wild side ever since.
  2. Opening Day: OF COURSE my bracket was destroyed the first night of March Madness. Thank gah MLB is back so I have something to root for. Got an awesome tank on its way to me too!
  3. Iso in Slo Mo: This YouTube channel features an incredibly cute dachshund doing dachshund things and playing dachshund games — all in slow motion. Just try to keep your squeals contained.
  4. You Don’t Know Me” – Ben Folds f. Regina Spektor: Featured in one of Iso’s adorable videos is this little ditty. Check out the slow-motion version below, or see the official video here … only one (I think) NSFW word.

I bet you’re squealing already.

Images courtesy of: Mah iPhone, USA Today, Gawker, Holiday Matinee