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WO: Weekly Obsessions

The mid-week back-to-work struggle is real, people. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more envious of those with Spring Breaks than I am today. And without my dear friend caffeine by my side, it’s safe to say I’ll be asleep by 8 tonight.

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  1. “Grease” Sing-along: The Castro Theatre has done it again — this time, with everyone’s favorite bad-boy-meets-good-girl story. My cousin and I went with a friend Friday night, and I still have some of the songs stuck in my head. From the impossible glow sticks to the kissy noises, I’m convinced there’s no better way to watch a musical than with props and a sing-along show.
  2. Hot Cookie: This might be the most iconic dessert spot in all of SF. Nestled in the heart of the Castro district, Hot Cookie has some verrry NSFW nibbles that are as scrumptious as they are scandalous. I personally love the Butch Bar and the Sticky Nikki. Yeah, you heard me.
  3. Anchor Brewing: My dad would have been 67 on Monday, so to celebrate, we toured Anchor Brewing and raised a glass in his honor. Ryan led us on an interactive and engaging walk, then poured us many samples to enjoy. It’s something I know Slick Rick would have loved. Cheers, big guy.
  4. Season Finales: I’ll never understand the need to post spoilers on social media — particularly as I’m on that West Coast delay for most programming — so I won’t get specific. But this week’s finales for both “The Bachelor” and “This Is Us” were disappointing. One didn’t give me the ending I so craved, while the other was too long and drawn-out. I’ll let you guess which is which 😉  Here’s hoping the next seasons of both don’t leave us hanging too long.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Happy International Women’s Day! I hope you’re all able to celebrate the women in your lives every day, but especially so today. If you’re anything like me, you dug out your LRD and toasted the fab females you’re lucky to love 😉

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  1. Shannon’s visiting!: Hot off the heels of my former roomie’s visit, my cousin Shannon arrives tomorrow! It’ll be her first trip to California and I hope to make it a memorable one. She always brings out the big kid in me, and I always… well, I always entertain her with my impatience for tourists. Just look at those mischievous smirks — it should be a hoot!
  2. Beach Blanket Babylon: As much as I don’t love tourists or touristy things, I will happily see this campy, historical revue in SF anytime! I took Erica last week and am excited to return tomorrow night with Shannon. The hats and humor are outrageous, the songs are fantastic and it truly is a can’t-miss experience.
  3. JLSF March Madness Kickoff Party: As Provisional (AKA first-year) members of the Junior League of San Francisco, we put on a fundraiser for the League. Our March Madness Kickoff Party is next Thursday, March 16, and is sure to be a success. We’ll have a silent auction, wine pull, photo booth and games — what’s not to love? Get your tickets (or make a donation) here.
  4. “Girls” – Beyoncé: This isn’t my fave of Beyoncé’s body of work, but there is arguably no better female anthem than this. Top five, at least. I heard it blasting in my barre class this morning, on my Chariot ride to work (props to Maria for the lady power!), and am pumping it now for good vibes only. Who run this mother?

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I remember when I first started these WOs years ago, how I made the genius decision to post them on Wednesdays. “Weekly” and “Wednesday” were a natural fit, obvs. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with myself on a regular basis for that decision, as I often find myself wondering what day it even is, and I have these WOs to keep my head on straight.

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  1. That Oscars Snafu: As lengthy as the Academy Awards always run, everyone was glued to their sets in the final moments of this year’s show. I loved the snack parachutes, the speeches, the unsuspecting tourists — but all we can talk about is the major mistake by PwC partner Brian Cullinan. And while I’m sure he feels like a total buffoon for botching the film industry’s biggest award, maybe he’ll think twice the next time he tweets. Bonus: Steve Harvey can rest a little easier now.
  2. Erica’s visiting!: My former NYC roomie, whom I met on our study abroad to London and Ireland, comes to visit tomorrow! I couldn’t be more excited to show her around SF and recreate our many gut-busting montages. Whether we’re bottomless brunching, quoting “Clueless” or just generally being hilarious, I have no doubt we’ll have a blast. Sonasaaaa!
  3. Ash Wednesday: It’s that time of year, folks! Not to mention, the most memorable Wednesday of the year. You’ve seen us crazy Catholics, no doubt, parading around with ashes on our foreheads — despite the Lenten lesson being to NOT tell people you’re suffering 😫  I burned my wrist on my curling wand this morning, so it’s safe to say I did not give up swear words. Here’s hoping the next 40ish days are restorative and reflective for us all.
  4. Laugh Tracks – Grief Thief: I’m fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented people — one of whom is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and man responsible for the music and lyrics on this album. Have a listen at GriefThief.com, and throw a fiver their way for the full experience. I missed their show last weekend but will be sure to catch the next set… I couldn’t be happier for Richard and the Grief Thief guys!

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m normally not the “prayer warrior” type who solicits good vibes from my social networks, but I had to today as my good friend endured her bilateral mastectomy to eradicate cancer. Ever the good sport, she named her cancer “Felicia” so she could say BYE to it 😂  Here’s what else I’m focused on lately:

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  1. Sheet Pan Chili Lime Salmon: In an effort to simplify my weekly meal prep, I’ve read countless lists of one-pot and sheet-pan meals. I was pumped to try this recipe Monday night and it didn’t disappoint: The marinade flavor has only gotten more pronounced with each serving of leftovers, and I’ll definitely be using this in my regular rotation. Delish!
  2. Sugarhill Kitchen: After yesterday’s lockout snafu, I needed an hour to kill while my landlord brought me their keys. I’ve passed this restaurant approximately a thousand times but hadn’t ventured in before. The owner/chef/bartender, Jennie, was so hospitable and welcoming — even offering a (free!) second glass of wine to heal my headache. I had other dinner plans to get to after, but I’ll return soon to enjoy all Sugarhill Kitchen has to offer!
  3. Bar Method: Not a day goes by without discussing different workout routines to try. Part of it is literally my job. Part of it is living in an active city like SF. All of me was excited to try Bar Method during its “Love Your Selfie” challenge, which grants unlimited access to newcomers for 40 days — and just $49! I’m two days in and can already feel the benefits of small, yet calculated, movements. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel longer and leaner? I might be a barre addict after all.
  4. “Doo Wop (That Thing)” – Ms. Lauryn Hill: I’ve enjoyed Spotify’s Black History Salute playlist, with tracks ranging from Marvin Gaye to Wanda Sykes and many more. The unequivocal fave, for me? None other than Ms. Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing).” It’s in my top five for lyrics – don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem — and it always brings a smile to my face.

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30 Before 30

In honor of my upcoming 30th birthday, I’ve researched countless “things to do before 30” lists. And while there are plenty to choose from, I kept coming back to “Thirty Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30.”

The List was originally published in Glamour by columnist Pamela Redmond Satran in 1997. Over the next 30 weeks, I’ll be tackling each item on The List and reflecting about it here… publicly (gulp). I hope you enjoy and we can grow together. After all, turning older is a privilege denied to many.

By 30, you should have…
12. Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.

Allow me to begin by saying: I’m not the type who thinks I “deserve” expensive things. I’m a commitment-phobe, a bargain hunter, relatively low maintenance, and I’d rather treat myself to a car service over the course of the month than spend the same amount on a purse or pair of shoes.

That’s not to say I’m frugal — I’ve splurged on travel and gifts for others, often finding more value in experiences than material things. I consider gym classes the best long-term investments money can buy. I’m a big fan of “throwing money at the problem” when it solves everyday inconveniences (hello, Blue Apron and Instacart).

But ask me to spend, say, $300 on a rug I love? Well, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Until today.

Part of why I bought it was this week’s challenge — yet another timely sign from above that I should just do it.

And the other part of why I bought it was because I do “deserve” it after the morning I had.

I was dogsitting over the long weekend for a good friend, but her flight was delayed last night and she wouldn’t arrive to retrieve her keys until 245am. Knowing I’d signed up for a 715am gym class, we agreed she would call me when she got close to my place and we’d make the key swap.

Easy peasy. So far, so good. All of the clichés.

I got up on time again at 615am, despite struggling to fall back asleep; and I was so proud of myself for getting my clothes, lunch, laptop and all other things in order. I was heading out on schedule, just in time to make the bus!

As I closed the door behind me, I realized a beat too late that I failed to grab my keys along with my two overstuffed bags. I’d locked myself out, for the first time (I think?) in my 12 years of living away from home.

Luckily, my landlord is local and able to meet me tonight to let me back in (before I head back out to my dinner plans, but at least I’ll be free to come and go again).

So, I made it to my first-ever barre class the same morning I had my first-ever lockout. Enter, the west elm Sivas Wool Kilim Rug in Macaroon Pink:

Courtesy of westelm.com

I’ve had my eye on this rug for more than a year… seriously. It’s become a joke with certain friends, who plead with me to either buy the damn thing or stop lusting after it.

I even set an alarm to make sure I grabbed it while it was on sale for Black Friday, only to forget all six years of corporate retail knowledge and miss out on the actual sale — on Cyber Monday. It was sold out, and my dreams died again.

So here we are, three months later, and I finally pulled the trigger to purchase this rug. Because it was on sale. And I had a coupon. And I had a shit morning. But also, because I deserve it.

WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s been a whirlwind week, to say the least. While some of my closest friends here have announced their impending departures to other cities, I’ve also heard from friends afar about their plans to relocate here. “Bittersweet” doesn’t even come close to describing it.

In the meantime, I haven’t been able to corral my thoughts into my regular weekly wrap-up. I’m excited about the 10-minute “Love Actually” sequel; I still haven’t watched this year’s GRAMMYs (a first for me!); I’m loving this new mani color and I can’t stop listening to “Different for Girls” by Dierks Bentley f. Elle King.

To say I’m all over the place is an understatement.

Couple that with Valentine’s Day (do you see what I did there), social commitments, some potential moves of my own, and I’m in a frenzy to keep it all together.

So in the wake of a formal WO, please enjoy these images of the ultimate Galentine, Leslie Knope. Xoxo 💕


WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m running on empty today, after being emotionally drained and awoken multiple times last night by what I thought was an alert in a dream. It wasn’t until 6am that I realized the alert was happening in real life, and it wasn’t until I was on a chair, smoke detector in hand, that I discovered it was coming from my beloved Jambox.

I must not have turned it off after its last use, so I had a woman’s voice tell me every 10 minutes or so to recharge the battery. Hint: This is not an ideal way to wake up.

All that to say, I’m ready to recharge myself and my Jambox.

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Before the Fall: I’ve been on a book binge lately, devouring the shelves of stories I bought months ago but hadn’t committed to reading. This novel details the events of a (fictional) horrific private plane crash from multiple perspectives, as we try to piece together what happened and why there are just two survivors. It left me breathless most of the way, but I was a bit disappointed in the final chapters. Still, I’d recommend the read — just not while you’re in-flight.
  2. Heavenly, Tahoe: I spent last weekend in Tahoe for a good friend’s 30th birthday celebration, marking my first adventure there in the winter (and with a bed)! We had our fill of snow games during the day, plus cozy cabin fun at night. Our backyard was a winter wonderland, making it hard to leave, so I’ll just need to find 15 other people to rent the house out with me again soon. Should be as easy as a Floridian sledding down a snowy hill, right?
  3. Basecamp Fitness: It’s only natural to try the countless fitness facilities SF has to offer. A friend brought us in for a free trial and we picked Plyo, AKA “the toughest class ever,” according to the girl next to me, who’s worked out there for a year. The schtick is simple: You do a minute on a resistance bike, a minute doing something else, then back to the bike and so on. You’re “done” in 35 minutes, although they encourage you to stay for the optional 10-minute abs session after. I’m sure I’ll be back soon to see how other classes compare.
  4. Pagan Idol: It’s the Tahoe birthday girl’s actual birthday, so we’re set to escape even further tonight — to a magical, tropical bar downtown. The tiki hut is reserved, the drinks will be flowing and I’m practicing my “luau” for the occasion. Added bonus: The excitement of tonight’s festivities are about the only thing getting me through today. And, the promise of a warm space away from the cold, rainy outdoors is even better!

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