WO: Weekly Obsessions

February has arrived, although you wouldn’t know it from Florida’s weather. With highs in the 80s, it feels more like April than February. To fend off the swelter that’s sure to come, here are this week’s distractions:

  1.  Groundhog Day: Tomorrow, hundreds (thousands?) will gather in Punxsutawney, Penn. to watch a chubby little rodent emerge from its burrow. I don’t understand the tradition, but I adore Bill Murray, so I can support it.
  2. Kristen Bell’s Meltdown: This viral video of Sarah Marshall’s reaction to her birthday present from fiancé Dax Sheppard is incredible. I’d have never guessed that one little sloth could provoke such emotion, but I’m loving it.
  3. Super Bowl XLVI: This year, I’m not watching for the commercials or Madonna’s halftime (shit)show. Rather, I’m only watching to see the Giants steamroll the Patriots. Because, seriously — who wants to see this guy win?
  4. Puppy Bowl VIII: More important than the game in Indy is the game at Animal Planet Stadium. The starting lineup was announced today, and there are 67 players this year … prepare for cuteness overload.


If you’re not smiling after watching this, you have no soul.

 Images courtesy of: it Thing, Ghost Money ENT, NoonTime Sports, IB Times

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Sarcastic, sports-obsessed writer & FL native navigating SF.

4 responses to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. rachel says :

    saw the Puppy Commercial on t.v. the other night – it literally stopped me in my tracks. i did have to hide my excitement from the baby, though – she was looking at me with narrow eyes and danger teeth.

  2. Maggie May says :

    Throwing in the cute puppies is the highlight of my day! They are so precious! Makes me think – just a little – about adding to the famdamily.

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