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Forgive my ignorance from my last WO as I celebrated the Winter Olympics without any clue about what happened in my home state of Florida.

You see, I was avoiding any and all breaking news alerts because I didn’t want to see spoilers for the games.

What I didn’t learn, until later, was of the massacre inflicted upon the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland. I read and watched a bit of it before becoming physically ill and needing to turn away.

I have no desire to debate gun control. I have no agenda here. What I have, instead, is a breathtaking piece from The New Yorker I think every human should read.

No matter your stance on the issue, I hope we all can agree there is no place for this kind of terrorism in our school system. Not now, and #NeverAgain

Courtesy of The New Yorker

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