What’s Your Pleasure?

The past few weeks have been hectic, to say the least. Between work, my social life, and friends coming and going, this bird has had far too much on her plate. To relax, I’ve indulged in a decidedly tragic guilty pleasure: Justin Bieber’s music.

I’m fully aware that The Biebs is not yet of age (not till March 1, 2012, anyway) to creep upon. I don’t envision myself “with” him, a la my male friends’ Olsen Twins 18th birthday countdown. Instead, I simply lose myself listening to his catchy songs, and I can’t believe how incredibly successful this Canuck became in just a couple of years (and hundred million YouTube hits).

I was “outed” at lunch last week, as co-workers and I discussed our guilty pleasures. One said he couldn’t get enough of Nancy Grace‘s coverage of the Casey Anthony (AKA Tot Mom) trial. Another said she loves to spend hours upon hours playing video games. And we pretty much all agreed that networks like Bravo are created for the sheer satisfaction of lazy Sundays and guilty-pleasure gratification.

While my appreciation for JB does not nearly equate to the pandemic Bieber Fever that affects approximately 10 of 10 teenage girls, I also think the whole point of a guilty pleasure is that you shouldn’t have to defend it.

So what’s yours — do you crave romance novels or tabloid mags when you need to unwind? Is it something else entirely? Share your story, so we can celebrate the _____ lover in us all.

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5 responses to “What’s Your Pleasure?”

  1. rachel says :

    I like to steal ManFriend’s glass of vino when he falls asleep on the couch, and then down it right before bed.

  2. maggie may says :

    My guilty pleasure – reading! It doesn’t matter what the genre or who the author is. A good book, rather than reading essays from my students, can help me escape. That has become much easier since my favorite children gave me a Nook this past Christmas. I have always enjoyed reading, but do not always make the time for myself. If I am able to enjoy a good book at the beach while listening to the surf – that is a bonus! I don’t think it matters what our “guilty pleasures” are. We just have to remember that whatever it is that makes us happy we are deserving of that happiness and should take the time to enjoy every moment of it.

    • wittyburg says :

      Agreed, Magz.
      So long as you can lose yourself in whatever your guilty pleasure is, that’s the whole point. Escaping from the deadlines, to-do list and general everyday bs is why we all need something to turn to.

      Enjoy the nook — it was a nice hit to the wallet, but worth every penny.


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