Thank a Veteran

I’m normally not one to get all preachy, and I hope to stay off the soapbox with my next words. But, while most are enraptured with today’s date (11.11.11), I urge everyone to thank a Veteran on this marked occasion.

Veterans Day (formerly Armistice Day) began as an annual celebration after Germany agreed to a cease-fire during World War I in 1918. As the saying goes, on the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month,” the world found peace once more.

We fly the flag, celebrate our freedoms and honor the Armed Forces each year — but not nearly as often as we should.

While I enjoy commemmorating Independence Day, September 11th and Veterans Day, it’s important to thank a Veteran or Active Military Member more than thrice a year. The sacrifices these men and women make for our freedoms are invaluable.

Many of us are so blessed to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle — a job that isn’t life-threatening, a regular meal schedule to eat whatever we please and a warm bed to sleep in each night.

These liberties we’re granted are afforded to us because of their service. So, please take a moment to thank the Veterans in your life or send a card to our troops.

And, if you are a Veteran, words can’t express how appreciative we are for your service. Treat yourself to one of these Vets-only freebies to celebrate your commitments.

Land of the free, because of the brave

Let's Say Thanks

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One response to “Thank a Veteran”

  1. Maggie May says :

    Made me cry – again! Very well stated – makes me want to bring out Desert Storm Barbie and Ken ❤

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