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The days stretch out longer in anticipation of more sunlight, warmer weather and fewer layers. At least, that’s how most of the country feels. I’m pretty pleased with the year-round climate here that allows for #basic sweaters and boots err’day. And when I’m not talking about weather, I have these other tricks up my bedazzled sleeves:

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  1. Secret SF: I’ve recently joined this Facebook Group that promotes all things San Francisco. Whether it’s about restaurants, exercise, dog parks — you name it! There’s something for everyone looking to find their own little slice of SF heaven. Check it out, peeps!
  2. ANYTHING but “The Dress”: A tireless and ridiculous social-media debate got heated last week and is still going. Was it about gay marriage or socioeconomic differences or domestic violence or anything thought provoking at all? NO. It was about the fugliest dress I’ve ever seen. Sometimes, I hate my generation.
  3. The Fox Theater: A good friend invited me to a show at this iconic venue in Oakland, and I was nothing short of amazed. The acoustics were bumping, the lighting concepts had me in awe, aaaand I didn’t even have to smoke any herbz to feel like I was transported to another time!
  4. “Ghost Modern” Album – Geographer: That stunning show I witnessed was put on by none other than Geographer, an indie rock band with a super-hot frontman. Their sound is kind of futuristic-folksy, and I’m devouring as much of the pre-release album play I can get.

Images courtesy of: FB, Wired, The Fox Oakland, Amazon

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