WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m fresh off a long weekend away in Maryland and anxiously awaiting the start of SUMMER FRIDAYS and another long weekend in Florida. Jealous much? It’s OK … I kinda hate me, too.

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Ocean City, Md.: My first visit to this adorable beachside town was instantly relaxing. I felt like I was back at home in Daytona, and the company was pretty great 🙂
  2. essie Lapiz of Luxury: My obsession with essie nail polish is nothing new, but this color is the absolute perfect blend of pale purple and bold blue. I can’t stop staring at my digits. Totally normal!
  3. The Guys from “Undateable”: I wasn’t particularly interested in this NBC sitcom that premieres next week, but I saw the natural rapport between actor/comedians Brent, Rick and Ron — and now I’m actually looking forward to it!
  4. Jon Stewart Hates Philly: One of many reasons I adore Jon Stewart? His rants. Check out his takedown (starting at 4:10 in) of Phillies’ manager, Ryne Sandberg, who claimed he got food poisoning from NY treasure, Shake Shack. #owned

Images courtesy of: Me, essie, Deadline, Eater

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